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List of Christian Zines and Magazines

Cardigan Journal. Patchogue, NY.

Can’t Get Enough. Bothell, WA.Challenger. Waterloo, IA.


Cheese Fizz. Bedford, IN.

Cheeseshopnews. Bedford, IN.

Christian Activities Calendar.
Ojai, CA.
Feb / Mar. 1985. 48 pages. Cover: Sandi Patti. Also: Dan, Steve and Jim Peters. Russ Taff. Kathy Troccoli. Steve Green. Terry Scott Taylor. Jessy Dixon. Terry Clark. 'No More the Lone Rander' by Paul Baker.
April / May 1986. 64 pages. Cover: Amy Grant. Also: Bodyworks. Steve Taylor. Servant. 'Rap Session' by Paul Baker. Kathie Sullivan. Johnny Hall. Petra. Bash-N-The Code.Fall '87. 64 pages. Cover: Imperials / Leslie Phillips. Also: Altar Boys. Stryper. Command Records. Bill Gaither Trio. Pat Robertson. Christian Writers Assoc. Gospel Music Network. Harold Ivan Smith.
Fall / Winter '87. 64 pages. Cover: Petra / Margaret Becker. Also: Don Francisco. Prism Yellow. Larnell Harris. Carla Worley. Wendy Talbot. Thad Bosley. Tim Hansel. Milk and Honey Records. Pat Robertson. Jack Hayford. Compassion International.

Christian Cartoonist & Illustrator
Willowdale, Ontatio, Canada
Bob Wierdsma, editor.
Vol. No. 1. Spring 1984.
Vol. No, 3. Fall 1984.
Issue 5. Spring 1985.
Issue 6. Summer 1985.
Issue No. 7. Fall 1985.
Issue No. 8. Winter 1985.
Issue No. 9. Spring 1986.
Issue No. 10. Summer 1986.
Issue No. 11. Autumn 1986.

Christian Goldmine
Alden, NY. Then to Orlando, FL.Editor and publisher: John b. Brzykcy. Paul A. Brzykcy: artwork. The Wandering Wizard: contributor.
No. 1. 7 pages.
The Christian Goldmine is a publication through which people may auction, sell, buy and trade records, etc. It is also a medium for ideas, record reviews, and whatever.
No. 2. 12 pages.
No. 3. 20 pages.
Please see Vortexx for an other zine for John B.

Comments from the Friends. PO Box 840, Stoughton, MA.

Conqueror Worm. Ankeny, IA.

Contemporary Christian Acts
Vol. 2 No, 5 June 1978. Jim Willems: executive publisher. Steven Zarit: publisher. David Medina: advertising. Karen Farhat: graphics assistant. Paulette Martinson: community relations. Laurie Kern: circulation. Rob Martin: managing editor. Betty Willems: senior editor. Karen Camplin: assistant editor. John Styll: music editor. Don Swaim: sports editor. Gary Ryan: art director. Cover: Wendell Burton's Brand New Life.

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List of Christian Zines and Magazines

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)
Editor - Publisher: John W. Styll.
Vol. 1 No. 2 August 1978. Cover: Noel Paul Stookey: And It's 'Paul and' Once Again.
Vol. 1 No. 3 September 1978. Cover: Sharalee: Daughter of Music.
Vol. 1 No. 6 December 1978. Cover: B. J. Thomas' Road Home.
January 1979. Cover: Dallas Holm: Charting the Straight and Simple Course.
May 1979. Cover: The Bill Gaither Trio: Believing Makes a Difference.
July 1979. Cover: Chuck Girard: Takes It Easy.
August 1979. Cover: The Archers: Signs of Spring This Summer.
November 1979. Cover: Andrae Crouch: Stepping out in Faith.
December 1979. Cover: The Pat Terry Group: Heaven Bound.
January 1980. Cover: Daniel Amos: Christian Music's Angry Young Men?
February 1980. Cover: The Past, Present, and Future Imperials.
March 1980. Cover: A Non-Profit Prophet: Keith Green: an Exclusive Interview.
April 1980. Cover: The Rambos: 26 Years of Progress.
May 1980. Cover: Barry McGuire: Getting Back to Square One.
June 1980. Cover: Debby Boone: Tuned in to Both Sides of the Business.
July 1980. Cover: The Hawkins Family: Singing to the Glory of God.
August 1980. Cover: Bob Dylan: Saved.
September 1980.. Cover: Phil Keaggy: Exclusive Interview.
October 1980. Cover: Dion: 'The Wanderer' Comes Home to Christ.
November 1980. Cover: Michael and Stormie Omartian.
December 1980. Cover: Candle Lights the Way to Agapeland.
January 1981. Cover: David Meece... Can Do Just about Anything Except Hang Loose.
February 1981. Cover: Joe English: McCartney's Former Drummer Funds Refuge under His Wings.
March 1981. Cover: Larry Norman: Strange Visitor from Another Land, Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Christian Way.
April 1981. Cover: Johnny Cash.
May 1981. Cover: DeGarmo and Key Band.
June 1981. Cover: The Mighty Cloids of Joy.
July 1981. Cover: Terry Blackwood and Sherman Andrus: the ABC's of Gospel Music,
Augest / September 1981. Cover: The Swwet Comfort Band.
October 1981. 64 pages. Cover: Randy Stonhill. Also: Fireworks. Kerry Livgren. Paul Smith. Rick Cua. Deniece Williams. Reviews: Mark Heard, Joni, Lamb, Mustard Seed Faith, Petra, B. J. Thomas, Kelly Willard.
November 1981. 64 pages. Cover: Dallas Holm / Tim Sheppard / Phil Johnson. Also: Stephanie Boosahda. Mark Heard. Archers. Who Does Christian Rock Glorify?
December 1981. 64 pages. Cover: Joni Eareckson. Also: Kelly Willard. A Look at Lamb. Benny Hester's Secular Hit. Christian Gift Ideas. The Year in Review - a Pictorial Essay.
January 1982. 64 pages. Middle pages: Light / Lexicon Records focus (pages: L-1 - 32. Cover: Jessy Dixon. Also: Sandi Patti. Andrae Crouch. Bruce Cockburn. Steve Camp. Petra.
February 1982. 56 pages. Cover: Don Francisco and son Uri. Also: Pamela Deuel Hart. Grammy and Dove Nominees. Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Richie Furay. Larry Black (radio). Resurrection. The Wittys. Dharma Artist Agency, Inc., Nashville focus (pages D-1 - 24).
March 1982. 64 pages. Cover: B. J. Thomas (interview). Also: Gary McSpadden. Donn Thomas. Servant: Live in Chicago. Christian Radio: What's Next? Reviews: Reba Live. Edwin Hawkins. Rick Cua. U-2. Kemper Crabb. Shots in the Dark.. Carman.
April 1982. Cover: Amy Grant. Also: 10 Years Together and Still Glad. Chariots of Fire. Edwin Hawkins. 1982 Jesus Festivals. Fletch Wiley. Barnabas. Maria Muldaur.
May 1982. 48 pages. Cover: Silverwing. Also: The Other Side of Cliff Richard. Farrell & Farrell: Keeping the Family Together. Daniel Amos & Andy Pratt Together. The Continentals & Living Sound Inside Poland.
June 1982. 48 pages. Cover: Leon Patillo: His Life, His Wife & His Lord. Also: Brown Bannister: Behind the Mike. Pat Terry: On Musical Integrity. Karen Lafferty. John Fischer.
July 1982. 64 pages. Cover: Dion: Nothing But the Best. Mylon: Brand New Start. Charlene: Surprise Hit. Fireworks: Exploding. Michele Pillar: Muscle Shoals Music. Rock 'N' Rollers: CCM on Wheels.
August 1982. 48 pages. Cover: More than Music: Imperials. Also: U2 Speaks Out. Live in Concert: the Archers, Steve Camp, & Isaac Air Freight. New! Bon Larson/s Perspectives. Bob Bennett and son Paul.
September 1982. 64 pages. Cover: Keith GreenL a Tribute. Denny Correll. DeGarmo & Key. Scripture Cookies: a Piece of the Puzzle by Mike Warnke. Road Rap. Praise in the Rockies. The Battle is Over for Charles McPheeters.
October 1982. 48 pages. Cover: Phil Keaggy: Guitar and a lot more. also: Sheila: New Wave from Britain/ Kerry Livgren & Kansa. Plus: John Fischer, Pam Mark Hall, Jerusalem, Rez Band, and Harvest Rock Fest Highlights.
November 1982. 80 pages. Cover: Barbara Mandrell: Making People Smile. Also: Evie & Pelle Karlsson: a Second Calling. Michael Card: Songwriting Ace. Exclusive: Rock A Look at Gospel Music. Special Section Petra - 10 Years of Jesus Rock.
December 1982. 80 pages. Cover: John Michael Talbot: Troubador of a Gentle Revolution. Also: Mike and Rose Warnke. Bob Larson's Persprctives, What's New in Albums, Concert Itineraries, John Fischer's Sound Advice. Reviews: T-Bone Burnett (Trap Door), Cliff Richard (Now You See Me, Now You Don't), John Fischer (Dark Horse), Steven Soles (Walk by Love), Paul Clark (Drawn to the Light), Rez Band (DMZ). Cruse Family. Concert: October 15 at Bethel College with Randy Stonehill and the Mark Heard Band.
January 1983. (Cover says January 1982). 64 pages (Special bonus inside: 1983 Recording Studio Directory, R1 - R48). Cover: Sandi Patti. Also: Joe English (2 pages), Michael & Stormie Omartian (3 pages). Reviews: Cruse Family (same), Don Francisco (The Live Concert), Patrick Henderson (This Is Love), Sweet Comfort Band (Cutting Edge), Steve Taylor (I Want to Be a Clone), Rick Foster (Inspirational Guitar at Its Best), Christopher Parkening. Grady Nutt Killed in Plane Crash. Andrae Crouch Cocaine Charge Dropped. The Best of '82.
February 1983. 64 pages. Cover: Servant: the Ever-Green Gospel Rock Machine (5 pages). Also: Benny Hester (3 pages). Twila Paris in Guatemala (2 pages and a picture). Bob Larson takes a look at Ozzy Osbourne. Reader's survey. T-Bone Burnett (2 pages). 1983 Festival Calendar. Record reviews: Randy Stonehill (Equator), Daniel Band (On Rock), Gary Dunham (The Pearl), John Blake (Yes, I Believe), David Edwards (Get the Picture), Ulf Christiansson (In My Dreams).
March 1983. 64 pages. Cover: An exclusuve interview: Andrae Crouch: What Really Happened? (7 pages). Also: Warnkerobics (Mike Warnke). Frany Schaeffer (2 pages). Daniel Amos (5 pages). Loyd Boldman (1 page). Bob Larson: When Is a Cult a Cult? Record reviews: Johhey Rivers (Not a Through Street), Andrus, Blackwood & Co. (Step out of the Night), White Geart (White Heart), Bob and Jayne Farrell (Let the Whole World Know), Kenny Marks (Follow Him), Jerry Williams and Ed Kerr (Harvest), Will McFarlane (Right from the Street).
April 1983. 64 pages. Cover: The CCM Interview: Lisa Whelchel & the TV Life (4 pages). Also: Johnny Rivers (3 pages). Seeds of Change: a Two-part Excerpt from Kerry Livgrin's Upcoming Biography (4 pages). Scott Ross Returns. The Tales of Gandhi. Karen Carpenter. Record reviews: Chris Christian (Love While We Can), Craig Smith (Hymns), Gary Chapman (Happenin'), John Michael Talbot (Songs for Wisship), Water to Wine (various), Psalms Alive! (various), Steve Reich (Tehillim). Charlene (The Sky's the Limit), Christine (For Those Who Hurt), Paradise (World's Midnight).
May 1983. 48 pages. Cover: The CCM Interview: Chris Christian, His Turning Point (4 pages). Also: Patti Roberts: Healing of the Heart (2 pages). Amy Grant: Seattle, Washington, March 17. Cynthia Clawson, Orlando, Florida February 9. Record reviews: U2 (War), After the Fire (ATF), 77s (Ping Pong over the Abyss), Dion (I Put Away My Idols), Sheila Walsh (War of Love), Michael Card (Legacy), Cynthia Clawson (Forever).
June 1983. 46 pages. Cover: Cynthia Clawson: the CCM Interview: Ministry, Motherhood & the Movies (5 pages). Also: Philip Bailey (3 pages). Seeds of Change: the Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren, Writer, Guirarist, and Keyboard Player with Kansas (3 pages). Film review: Say Amen, Somebody. Record reviews: Leslie Phillips (Beyond Saturday Night), Pat Terry (Film at Eleven), Sandi Patti (LIve... More Than Wonderful), Leon Patillo (Live Experience), Michael W. Smith (The Michael W. Smith Project), Amy Grant (Ageless Medley), Keith Green (I Only Want to See You There). CCM Concert review: Farrell & Farrell, Buena Park, California, March 25. Bob Bennett and Michele, Houston, Texas, March 26. Swwet Comfort Band, Portland, Oregon, April 8.
More to come!

Cornerstone Flyers
Cornerstone '87 12 pages.
Cornerstone '89 12 pages

Cornucopia. Port Charlotte, FL.

Counter Culture. Seattle, WA.

Created Press. St. Pete, FL.

Crosswalk Magazine. Conway, AR.

Cutting Edge.
Dan Kennedy
Orlando, FL.
At first, the zine was called 'Rock Gospel Review.' The first issue was in Feb. '84. I took as many copies that I had and drove to Brevard Community College, Cocoa campus to see Daniel Amos and the Lifesavers. All of my papers were gone in a hurry and I had a great time at the concert, so much that I decided to do a second Rock Gospel Review. Here are all the issues. RGR lasted through numbers 1 - 9.
Rock Gospel Review
#1. Feb. '84.
Two pages. Reviews of Daniel Amos (Doppelganger). Rick Cua (No Mystery). Daniel Band (Straight Ahead). News and Views: Kerry Livgren, Randall Waller, Progigal, collecting music, John Fahey, David and the Giants, Ishmael, list of mail order records: Long's Christian Music, Wreal Records, Kosher Records and John B. Brzykcy.
#2 March '84
Three pages. Concert Calender: March, 23: Servant, Barry Crompton, Melbourne, FL. / April: 12-14: April 12: Jeremiah People, Lationos, Rick Eldridge, Lenny LeBlanc, Michelle, Kim Boyce. April 13: Robyn Pope, Revelation, David and the Giants, Steve Camp, Joe English, Fred Langston, Glad, Jessy Dixon, Scott Wesley Brown, Steve Taylor. April 14: Issac Air Freight, Resurrection, Pete Carlson, Prodigal, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, Sheila Walsh. Central Fair Fairgrounds.
Record Reviews: Jim and Joan Byers (Will Praise You with Music, U2 (Under a Blood Red Sky), Prodigal (Electric Eye). News and Views (Mine): A review of the book 'The Road Goes on Forever' by Philip Norman. / A review of the Granny Awards in the Christian category. / Three books that you should read: Paul Baker's 'Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music.' This book traces the history and development of the rise of a popular, contemporary Christian music from the '60's to the end of the 70's.
#3 April '84
Three pages. The Concert Calendar. / Statement of Newsletter Goals: 'With the June or July issue the format will change somewhat - still computer generated, but we shall move from an Apple II to an Apple Mcaintosh, which will allow for the incorporation of graphic the text.
Before the end of the year, the plan is to convert the publication from a 3 page newsletter to an 8 page magazine, printed locally, and suppoted by advertisements and donations / direct sales.'
Records Reviews: Bryn Haworth (Pass It On), Hank Laake Band (Life and Death), Steve Taylor (Meltdown), Don Francisco (Holiness), Resurrection Band (Bootleg), Michael Smith (2), Northbound (Northbound).
#4 May '84
Three pages. Concert Calendar: John Blake, Barnabas (cancelled), Malcolm and Alwyn, Steve Taylor and Some Band, Sheila Walsh (tentative), Rez Band.
Record Reviews: Prodigal (at the Point After, April 8, '84). / Literary Interlude: a piece that rambled by DK. / News News News News News / Jesus '84 Orlando: a review of the festival. / 'Anti-Christian Rock Pamphlet': This was a 32 page book entitled "Christian Rock: a Strategem of Mephistopheles" in which David Noebel discusses a number of reasons why believers should not listen to rock and roll. (If you can find one, it will be worthy just to have it).
#5 June '84
This was the first issue that we used on the Mac.
Four pages, with some pictures.
Concert Calendar: Mike Warnke, Steve Taylor and Some Band, with Quickflight.
Record Reviews: Randy Stonehill (Celebrate This Heartbeat), Various Artists (Value of Life. Artists: Nancyjo Mann, Gwynne Burke, Dave Fullen, Chuck Brown, Rose Warnke), Dan Peek.
News You Did't Know You Needed.
In this crazy world there is a group of people devoted to everything. Christian music is no exception. So many styles. The Gospel Music Association , the Fellowship of Contemporary Christian Ministries, the Alternative Christian Music Enthusiasts, EPAR (Ex-punks Against Rock), KISS (Kids in Service to the Son), EGAD (Electric Guitars Are of the Devil) - I wrote for info on this one. 52 members, mostly premillenialists, non-charismatic and anti-Proctor & Gamble. My wife likes these guys).

Daisey Chains of Freedom. Camarillo, CA.

Daley News
Seattle, WA.

Darc Colours
Pensacola, FL
Scottie Joel Cooper
Volume II, Issue 3. 3 pages. No much music; more of God some poetry.
Volume III, No.1. Spring 1989. 1 page. A small sermon by Saint Symeon the New Theologian.

Dark World
Steve Malakowsky
Eight pages. Poetry

Darkness to Light
Notrona, PA.

Dead Not Dead
Oviedo, FL.

Death to the World
Chico, CA.

Richard Clark
Limited Edition. Cover: Seventh Angel. Also: Rex Carroll of Whiteross.
Issue #2 April, 1990. Cover: Roger Martinez of Vengeance. Also: One Bad Pig. King's X. And Damascus, Holy Soldier, Seveal Angel.
Issue Number Three. 32 pages. Cover: Holy Soldier. Also: King's X/ Seventh Angel. Split Level. Zion. Jeff Sheetz. Martyr. John Markin.

Point Charlotte, FL
Steve Christner
No. 1? 8 pages. Cover: Deliverrance. Several album reviews.
III. 20 pages. Godsent Humans. Album reviews.

Storrs, CT.
Issue #1. 1992. 27 pages. Cover: Overdrive. Also: Deathless. Mortal Enemy. Sanctified Noise. 'The Awakening' - a true story. Hold True (8 song demo). Knightriot (Beware the Knight). Battalion (demo). The Persecuted. Godhead.

Doofus. Same as Chesseshop News.

Dying Process. Palm Harbor, FL.

Early Moon. Alma Center, WI.

Endure/ Elyria, OH.

Eyeball Magazine. Oklahoma City, OK.

Free: Reality in Music
San Jose, CA
June 1990, Vol., No, 1.
The cover: The Incredibly Serious Interview with Mike Roe of the 77's by Alex Joseph and Jerry Wilson.

Figtree. Ft. Collins, CO.

Filthy Rag. Lakeland, FL.

Now Including Love Song Magazine.
Blaine, Washington.
Firewing staff: Publisher and advertising director: Chuck Clements. Associate publisher: Dob Gaxiola. Senior editoe: Marilyn Clements. Art director: Mike Gollen. Graphics assistant: Gord 'Flash' Wilson. News service co-ordintor: Marilyn Clements. Contributors, writers and helpers: Paul Wilkinson, Chris Marshall, Laureen Moe, Henry Heerschap, Red Squirrel Flying, Gord 'Flash' Wilson, Don Robinson, Lando Klassen, Chuck Steak, Ron Holmes.
Deuteronomy Issue. 24 pages.
Cover: New Wine & Roses - Their Meaasge Is 'Jesus Lives." Point of View: On Christian Coffee Houses... and Music Ministries by Perry Rose. The Larry Norman Band Up in Canada by Flash ( 1 page and 12 pictures). The Interview: Ringing up Steve, an interview with the Man by Gord Wilson (Steve Hurlburt). Album review: Solid Rock Releases 'Appalachian Melody" by Chuck Clements. Taproot Theatre Company Presents the Professional World Premiere of 'Pilgrim'... a new adaptation of John Bunyan's monumental allegory. The Pilgrim's Progress. Album review: Chuck Girard (Take It Easy). Poem: Palm Sunday Tilt and History Through the Looking Glass by Jim Mearns. Album reviews: David Meece (Everybody Needs a Little Help). DeGarmo and Key (Straight On)(two reviews). Daniel Amos (Horrendous Disc) (0md whole page).ATF: An Interview with 'After the Fire). Albuk review: Leon Patillo (Dance Children Dance). Solid Rock: a Cartoon Parable by Mike Gollen. More album reviews: Seawing (Light the Light). Jerusalem. Rev Counta and the Speedoze. Eli Band from Calgary, Alberta. Dan Peek (All Things Are Possible). Here 'n' There: Four pages of small bits about numerous people and bands. Firewind Class-o-Grams. Rock 'n' Rhythm Bits 'n' Piesce by Chuck Steak. So You Want to Be a Jesus Star? - Inside the Randy Matthews / Servant West Coast Tour.

Firstfruit. Mtrtle, SC

Followers of the All
Reality Press
James Rubino and L. Wisnuewski, Publishers.
Vol. 1, No. 5. 24 pages.

Fuelmagazine. May have been part of Tooth & Nail

Garlic Press. Saskatoon, Canada. Darrel Mikulcik.

Gospel Today.

Gospel Truth.

Handmaiden. Murrieta, CA

Harvest Rock Syndicate.
Chicago, IL. Later: Nashville.
Vol. One, Issue One. Winter '85.
Cover: Stryper: I Know It's Only Rock ' Roll / Altar Boys.
More to come

The Hipp. Grand Rapids, MI.

Holy Metal. From Sweden?

Holy Right. Publication from band of same name.

Hope for Hollywood. The Holy Ghost Repair Service, Inc.

Inside Music (IM). Lake Mary. FL.

Lamb’s Blood. Round Rock, TX

Last Days Newsletter. Lindale, TX. Keith Green.

Last Generation. Kansas City, KS.

Last Times. Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa.

Leviticus. Sweden. By the band.

L-Gam 89?

Life is Hip. Kilgore, TX.Some guy names Cory.

Light Attack. Germany, in German.

Lightshine Magazine. Paradise, PA

Little Black Book. Canton, OH

The Look. Chesapeake, OH

Love Bomb.

Love / Love Not.

Luxury Killing Inc.

Manna Music
No. 26. September /October 1985. Cover: Larry Norman & Avion on concert.
No. 28. March / April 1986. Cover: David Meece
No. 29. May / June 1986. Cover: David Meece.
No. 30. July / August 1986. Cover: Shelia Walsh.
No. 31. September / October 1986. Cover: Sheila Walsh interview.
No. 32. November / December 1986. Cover: Petra interview.
No. 33. March / April 1987. Cover: Rabdy Stonehill and White Heart.
No. 34. May / June 1987. Cover: Leon Patillo concert.
No. 35. July / August 1987. Cover: Michael W. Smith concert details.
No. 36. September / October 1987. Cover: David Meece and Kim Boyce in concert.
No. 37. November / December 1987. Cover: White Heart and Martyn Joseph in concert.
No. 38. March / April 1988. Cover: Petra.
No. 39. May / June 1988. Cover: The News Boys.
No. 40. July / August 1988. Cover: Steve Taylor in concert.
No. 41. September / October 1988. Cover; David Meece interview.
No. 42. November / December / February 1988 / 1989. Cover: Phil Keaggy.
No. 43. March / April 1989. Cover Amy Grant.
No. 44. May / June 1989. Cover: Geoff Moore. Also: Rez interview.
No. 45. July / August 1989. Cover: Petra on fire / Rez interview.
No. 46. September / October 1989. Cover: Steve Grace national tour.
No. 47. Nov. / Dec. Feb. 1990. Cover: David Meece and Band touring.
No. 48. March / April 1990. Cover: Rez touring Oz. Also: Steve Grace.
No. 49. May / June 1990. Cover: White Heart & Rez touring Oz. Also: Rosanna's Raiders.
No. 50. July / August 1990. 50th Newsletter. Glenn Kaiser. Peter Shurley.
No. 51. Sep. / Oct. 1990. Cover: Kenny Marks concert. Also: Rockin' Rabbis.
No. 52. Nov. / Feb. 1990 / 1991. Cover: Steve Grace and Steve Geyer concert.
No. 53. March / April 1991. Cover: Mike Warnke in concert. Also: Scary Cats.
No. 54. May / June 1991. Cover: DeGarmo & Key tour. Also: Guns of Fire.
No. 55. July / August 1991. Cover: Don Francisco tour. Also: Doug MacFarlane.
No. 56. Sept. /Oct. 1991. Cover: White Heart. Also: Steve Camp interview.
No. 57. Nov. / Dec. 1991. Cover: In the Silence. Also: Kathy Johnston.
No. 58. March / April. 1992. Cover: Amy Grant. Also: Tommy Emmanuel interview.
No. 59. May / June. 1992. Cover: Family's 20th year. Also: U2 article.
No. 61. Sept. / Oct. 1992. Cover: Peter Shurley & Band. Also: Chris Falson.
No. 62. Nov. / Dec. 1992. Last 'Manna Music' newsletter. Steve Grace interview.

Monkey Laundry.
Philadelphia, PA.

Narrow Gate
Chicago, IL
Shauna Sky: editor and publisher.
Jeff Cooke: chief staff writer, illustrator.
Issue #2, December 1992. 18 pages. Preston: Something Different. Raw Dog (Let God Be God). Richard Harrison (Bent on Rebellion). Twila Paris (A Heart That Knows You). White Cross (High Gear).
Issue #4, February 1993. 18 pages. Shauna Sky. Printer: Mark Boggs. Poetry: Shauna, Sharon Elton, Jeff Cooke, Dave Larson. Art contributors: Jeff Swenson (cover), Jeff Cooke (page 11; caption added by Shauna), Denise Schwartz (pages 9 - 10). Music reviewers: Shauna, Shaggy, P.J.S. Rae Dog interview. 'Spiritual Warfare in the True Sense' by Shauna. Smack Dabb: demo. Brother Grimm: demo. Bob (Logride). J. R. Williamson (Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?). Nonpoint Factor (Into Demetia). Sacrament (haunts of Violence).

Montoursville, PA.

New Music
No. 6. Cover: Carl Perkins.
No. 7. Cover: Pat, Shirley, Lindy, Cherry, Debbie and Laurie Boone.
No. 8. Cover: Evie.
No. 9. Cover: Alwyn Wall Band.

New Sound
Harvard Squard, Cambridge, MA.
Volume 1, Number 4 Holiday 1985. Cover: Randy Stonehill... Within Reason. Also: Maria Muldaur: It's as Simple As That. Plus: Lone Justice in Concert. Dire Straits. 'Tis the Season..."
Volume 1, Number 5 January / February 1986 Winter Issue. Cover: M. W. Smith & KT Breaking out of Boxes. Also: Stryper: Making Metal Work. Gaithers Face the Issue. Bob Dylan,s Biograph.
Volume 1, Number 6 Spring 1986 Cover: John Michael Talbot: Hot Water for the Freeze-Dried Church.
Volume 2, Number 1. Festival Issue. Cover: Steve Taylor's Talkin 'Bout a New Generation.
Volume 2, Number 2 Summer 1986. Cover: Russ Taff: Risking the 40-Foot Jump. Also: Newsound Interview with Don Francisco. Bryan Duncan: California Cooler. Peter Gabriel's S O. Amnesty International and Newsound '86.
Volume 2, Number 3 Fall 1986. 28 pages. Cover: Gary Chapman: waiting in the Wings. Also: Bob Bennett's Fallen Images. Two Views of Cockburn. Sting: Bring on the Night.
Volume 2, Number 5 Winter 1987. 28 pages.
Volume 2, Number 6 Spring 1987. 24 pages. Cover: Stryper Interview.
Volume 3, Number 1 Festival 1987. 32 pages. Cover: Michael W. Smith: Enjoying the Journey.

News of the Fleshgrinder.
Murfreesboro, TN.

Nice Place to Crash. Hingham. MA.

Nightwing: in Images of Icy Winds. (The Death of Onrop Means the Birth of Nightwind). From: Visual Crobar Productions. 65 pages: comic. Also: Nightwind - Where Graves Cease. Story and art by Sean Sellers. 1994. Comic.

Brent Hershey, George Metzler, and Kevin Watterson.
Atglen, PA.
Issue 1, December 1985. One page, two sides. Record reviews: The Rap-Sures (Gospel Rap). Simon Adahl (I'm in Touch). Stryper (Soldiers Under Command). Concert: Stryper at McCaskey Sr. High School, November 16, 1985.
Issue 2, January 1986. One page, two sides. Record reviews: Leviticus (I Shall Conquer). Vector (PLease Stand By). Prodigal (Just Like Real Life). Rez (Between 'n Hell).
Issue 5, May 1986. Four pages. Undercover and Radical Boy, Overbrook High School, March 28, 1986. Reviews: Petra (Captured in Time & Space). Terry Scott Taylor (Knowledge & Innocence). Blue Collar Records: Adam Again / In a New World of Time. 441 / Mourning into Dancing. Undercover / Branded. Modern Mission: same, review. Bloodgood: same, review.
Issue 7, September 1986. Four pages. Oden Fong (Invisible Man). D.O.X (D.O.X). Livesavers (A Kiss of Life). Youth Choir: Cornerstone Festival, Thurs, July 3. Tonio K. (Romeo Unchained).
Issue 10, January 1987. Six pages. DeGarmo & Key (Street Light). Rick Cua interview. Idle Cure (Idle Cure). Messiah Prophet (Master of the Metal). Stryper (To Hell with the Devil). Charlie Peacock (Charlie Peacock).
Issue 11, March 1987. Six pages. Saint (Time's End). The Choir (Diamonds and Rain). Jon Gibson (On the Run). Lone Justice (Shelter). Carson Cole & RU4 (Mainstreet).
Vol. II, No. 3. Nov. / Dec 1988. 20 pages. Cover: Jerusalem: Declares War on Satan (2 pages and 3 pictures).Joseph Lamm. Whitecross: October 2, 1988, the Roxy, Hollywood, Ca. Phil Keaggy by Brent Hershey. Easts Meets West: Dawn of the Metal Age - East Coast: Rage of Angels, Aresnal, the Lead, Taker, Believer, Second Chance; West Coast: Emer
Vol. V, No. 5. March / April 1992. 32 pages. Cover: Holy Soldier. Also: Rick Elias. Betrayal. Lisa Bevill. Bored Awards. Reviews: Lost Dogs. Mortal. Jacob's Trouble. Randy Stonehill.
Vol. V, No. 6. May / June 1992. 40 pages. Cover: Jacob's Trouble. Also: Vince Ebo. Magdallan. The Violet Burning. SFC. King's X. Kerry Livgren.
Vol. VI, No. 1. July / August 1992 36 pages. Cover: One Bad Pig. Also: Adam Again. Brian Healy. Seraiah. Patsy Moore. Newsboys. Rev. Dan Smith. Scott Blackwell. Crystavox. Nicole.
Vol. VI, No. 2. September / October 1992. 40 pages. Cover: Newsboys. Also: Mike E. Deliverance. Novella. Code of Ethics. Circle of Dust. L. S. Underground.
Vol. VI, No. 3. November / December 1992. 40 pages. Cover: Bride. Also: Seventy Sevens. Susan Ashton. Mark Heard. Native Son.
Vol. VI, No. 4. January / February 1993. 36 pages. Cover: Tourniquet. Also: Veil. Out of the Grey. Liaison. Vigilantes of Love. Zero. Ragman.
Vol. VI, No. 5. March / April 1993. 40 pages. Cover: Guardian. Also: Daniel Amos. The Throes. Mortal's New Album. Die Happy. Phil Keaggy. Steve Scott.
Vol. VI, No, 6. May / June 1993. 36 pages. Cover: Lost Dogs. Also: Women in Rock. Wendi Kaiser. Riki Michele. Robin Spurs. Ordained Fate. Caryn Colbert.
Vol. VII, No. 2. Fall 1993. 32 pages. Cover: White Heart. Also: Over the Rhine. Raspberry Jam. Code of Ethics. Hoi Polloi. Dig Hay Zoose.

Portage, MI.
Mark Hodges: editor / writer. Anne Snelgrove: writer / layout. Suz Johnson: distribution. Others over the years: Judd Harper, Gail, Timothy Ball, Lar 'Dean' Miles, Aaron Brown, 'The Spyder,' Cassandra, Jeff Cooke, Larry Blake (art), Everett Kruger (art)
Vol. I, No. 1. February, 1988. 10 pages.
Vol. I, No. 2. April, 1988. 12 pages.
Vol. I, No. 3. June, 1988. 12 pages.
Vol. I, No. 4. August, 1988. 12 pages.
Vol. I, No. 5. October, 1988. 12 pages.
Vol. I, No. 6. December, 1988. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 1. February, 1989. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 2. April, 1989. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 3. June, 1989. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 4. August, 1989. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 5. October, 1989. 12 pages.
Vol. II, No. 6. December, 1989. 12 pages.

Parable. Peachtree, GA?

Phreek. Fairmont, MN.

Paranoia. Providence, RI.

Peg We Hang Our Hopes On. Gary Farris. Walker, MI.


Phlox. Omaha, NE.

Pink Haired Jenny. East Peoria, IL.

Pit. Charlotte, NC.

Profile. Nashville, TN. Glossy magazine.

Progressive Pacer
No. 17. March / April '82. Cover: Larry Norman. Also: Barnabas.

Psy'chotic Prophets
No. 1.
Cover: Soldiers of Christ

Pure Rock Report. Columbus, OH.

Rad Rockers Emporium
Early title was 'The Itinerant Iconoclast's Rad Rockers Emporium.'
This was Mike's way to sell all of the good stuff!
Mike Delaney
No. 2. 1986. 12 pages.
No. 3. 1987. 12 pages.
No. 4. 1988. 12 pages.
No. 5. 1989. 16 pages. Cover is by Chris Yambar.
No. 6. 1990. 16 pages.
No. 7. 1990. 16 pages.
This mini-catalog offers independent, underground, etc. No number. 12 pages.
No. 8. 1991. 20 pages.
No. 9. 1991. 20 pages.
No. 10. 1991. 32 pages.
No. 11. 1992. 32 pages.
No. 12. No year. 36 pages.
No. 13. 1992. 40 pages.
No. 14. 1992. 32 pages.
No. 15. 1993. 40 pages.
Cool independent and import tunes for sale at fixed prices!!! Came with No. 15.
No. 16. No year. 40 pages.
No. 17. 1993. 40 pages.
No. 18. 20 pages.
No. 19. 48 pages (bid only). Also: 20 pages (by it now).
No. 20. 50 pages.
Now known as RadRochers
No. 21. 66 pages. The first catalog with album covers.
Now known as RadRockers
No. 22. 104 pages.
No. 23. 104 pages.
No. 25. 88 pages.
No. 26. 112 pages.
Aution supplement to #26. Bidding deadline March 24, 1997.
No. 27. 112 pages.
No. 28. 112 pages.
No. 29. 80 pages.

Radical Times
Punks for Jesus, Everett, WA.
Prepare Unsaved Nihilistic Kidss for Jesus.
No. ? 8 pages. Cover: What don't you believe anymore? P.U.N.K.s for JESUS is dedicated to bringing the church to those who would not actively seek "church". That means taking the Good News of Jesus Christ where it belongs... out in the real world among they're at. We bring unconditional love to meet people where they're at. Jesus Christ is for everyone. Open your heart and read this magazine, talk to God and decide for yourself id there's anything missing in your life. Our prayers are with you. Best Fishes, Bill & Chris.
No. 8?. 10 pages. Satan and his followers reward. No one gets away with anything. God rules! Elvis Time - OK. It's time to jump on the Elvis Presley band wagon. Elvis is DEAD, D.O.A., in a box, in the ground, at Graceland, in Tennessee. If you don't believe that, get a court order and have his rotting body exhumed and see for yourself. Elvis Presley is king of nothing. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. Jesus is Gos, He died for you and He rose from the Dead. If you don't believe that, talk to Him yourself. He's waiting.

Radically Saved
Kimball, MN
Volume 1, Issues 1 - 4. Issue 1: Oct. 1988. Issue Feb. 1989
Volume 2, Issues 5 - 8. Cover #6: Deliverance. Cover #7: Tourniquet. Cover #8: Guardian.
Volume 3, Issues 9 - 10. Cover #9: Dale Thompson. Cover #10: Crucified.
Volume 4, Issue 11. Cover #11: Die Happy
Free Take One: Sample issue. Cover: Guy Ritter.

Radicals for Christ. Azuza, CA. Later moved to VA.

Radio Free Thulcandra. Not music.

Ragtime. Minneapolis, MN.

Rain. East Canton, OH.

Rainbow Garage. Florida.

Ransom. United Kingdom.

Raw Tuna. Formerly Kimbra Magazine. Aberdeen, SD.

Real Press. Byron Center, MI. Larry Miles.

Rebel Graphics. OH.

Release. Hermitage, TN.

Release Ink. Nashville.

Resist. Minneapolis, MN.

Rizzen Roxx. Judd Harper, editor etc. Vienna, VA.

Council Bluffs, IA
Vol. 2, No. 3. Early Summer Issue, 1993. 32 pages. Cover: The Brave / Axiom. Also: Ned Eliason. The Hurting: reader's short story. Back stage with Jerry Williams of Harvest. Talking with XL. The Turn: concert.

Sacred Rock
James Williams: editor.
Jeff Dereszynski: contributer.
Milwaukee, WI
Issue 1. 1992 / 1993. The Risen. An interview with Dr. Dave Breese on the topic of the Last Days. Mortification. Veni Domine. Crashdog. Sacrament. Deliverance. Living Sacrifice. Rev Seven. Rockin' on the Rock: Part 1, the Christian Rock Scene and Biblical Principal Part 1. Vengeance.

Scott Hileman
Jonesboro, IL.
Issue 1, Volume 1. 22 pages. September 1992 (from the stamp). Cover: I.D.T. is now Mortal is Now Lusis is now. Also: D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ). Halo. 'Never Say Goodbye' by Guardian. Tourniquet. Crashdog. Mike-E. Fluffy. Jesus Freaks.
Volume 2, Issue 4. March / April 1993. 24 pages. Cover: Whitecross / Guardian. Also: One Bad Pig. P.I.D. (Preachers in Disguise). Painted Orange: One Orange in a Basket of Apples: Jan. 30, 1993 at The Fire Escape, Anna, IL.
Issue 6. July / August 1993. 26 pages. Cover: Tournioqet. Also: Rhythm & News. The Sacrifice. S. F. C. (Soldiers for Christ). Mortal. Wilderness: demo. Richard Harrison: demo. G.T.C. (Glory to Christ).
Issue 7. September / October 1993. 26 pages. Cover: Eric Anthony. Also: David and the Giants. Brother Brother. Deliverance. Chris Stacey and the Strangers: demo. Lost Tribe (Geared to Groove).
Issue 8. January / February 1994. 26 pages. Mortification. Troy Johnson. Newsboys. Clay (part 1). Steel: demo. Tera. Crimson Thorn. Sometime Sunday. Raw Dog III. Eden Burning. Say-So.

Scribes of Zion. Nashville, TN.

Semaphore Winnipeg, Canada.

Shoebox Buzz. Broomall, PA.

Shrapnel Magazine
Fall 1990, Volume 1, number 1.
Cover: One Bad Pig.

Singing News. Boone, NC. Southern Gospel music.

Skazooke. Naukesha, WI.

Slaughter House
Apple Valley, CA.
No. 1. Cover: The Lead. Also: Bride. The Adventures of Ralph the Skin.
No. 4
No. 5

Slaughtered Corpse
No. 1
Cover: Lust Control, Nonpoint Factor, Decision-D, Mortal Enemy, etc.

Some Thing for Nothing. Canton, OH.

New Zealand
No. 7. Cover: Natalie Yule-Yeoman. Valeri Barinov. Hawkesby Talkz.
No. 9. Cover: Stryper. Also: Darlene Adair, Andrew Landsford, the Churchills, the Quiet. Rez Band.

Mag of the Greenbelt Festival. England.
No. 2. 24 pages. Greenbelt 81: A Personal View bu Anna Johnston (1 page). One Day in the Life of the Arts Centre Group Festival by Pete Williams. Tim Dowley reviewa: Solzhenitsyn's Love Girl and the Innocent. Greenbelt 81 - Manistage: Decoy Men, Alexander John, Virtual Image, Crowd Control, Norman Barratt, Barry McGuire, Tense, Ben and Steve, Steve Rowles: DJ of the year, Iva Twydell, Jerusalem, Sporting Life, David Edwards, Shiela Walsh, John Pantry, Joe English Band, U2, Casual Tease, Skyrider, Mark Williamson, Paradise, Just the Job, 100% Proof, Randy Stonehill, the Stares, Cliff Richard, Garth Hewitt and Network 3, Mystery Guests, Phaze, Magnetics, the Fat Band.Ethos Behind Greenbelt: the Need for a Christian Theory of Life... by John Peck. The Greenbelt Fringe by Simon Potter. Greenbelt - From the Inside, Part One: Strait Talk with Jonathan (Greenbelt Administrator)(Interview 2pages). To the Point: Letters to the Editor. Strait Talkies: An Informal Chat with Chris and Lynne of Tense by Simon Potter; James Holloway and Pete Williams Dis a Talky with Joe English after His New Gallery Regents St. Gig by Janes Holloway. Strait Talkies & TapesTalky with Ron Sider: Interwiew wuth John Peck. Fringe Poetry by Mike Docker. News and Views: The Shape of Things. Music: Death to the Subculture - an Interview with Garth Hewitt, Steve Fairnie, Graham Kendrick, Iva Twydell, Greenbelt programm, Laurie Mellor, Dave Roberts (Kungsway Music), Bev Sage by P. C. Williams. Dance by Simon Potter. Cinema: Is It Reel? by Tim Dean. Records: Joe English (Lights in the World), Bonnie Bramlett (Step by Step), Iva Twydell (Secret Service), U2 (October)John Pantry (Hot Coals), Just the Job (Living in the Welfare State) (tape). Graham Kendrick (Cresta Run).
No. 3. 24 pages. Cover: After the Fire. Strait Vinyl: Mighty Clouds of Joy (Clouds), Skyrider (Running), Garth Hewitt (Hungry Wing Red Hot and Cokkin'), Giantkiller (Whose Side You On), Alwyn (invisible Warfare), Andrae Crouch (Don't Give Up), Resurrection Band (Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore). Strait (Concerts): U2 at the Lyceum Londan, Dec. 21st 1981. Moral Support, Dungannon N' Ireland. Randy Stonhill and David Edwards, Brighton Polytechnic, After the Fire, Sheffield Polytechnic. Greenbelt from the Inside: Concluding our Behind ther Scenes Look at our Everyday Story of Festival Folk: James Holloway onterviews Clive Frampton trustee of the Deo Gloria Trust and Greenbelt Executive Committee member.On the Road: Coping with Stiff Little Fingers by Williams. Theatre: London Theatre 81 by Tim Dowley (1 page). Poetry - Stewart Henderson by James Holloway (1 page). The Strait Interview - ATF by James Holloway, with Peter (Memory Banks and Andy Piercy (3 pages. To the Poinr: Letters to the Editor. Poetry - Stewart Henderson. Thinking - Is This the Beginning of the Edge? Steve Turner Talks to Himself about Creationism. Have a Heart, written by Hutt: a Comedy sketch - Act 1. A Christian World View & How It Works by John Peck. A Christian View on the Cultic Scene by Harold G. Mudaliar. Talk: James Holloway with Martyn Eden: Admin. Dean of the London Institute and Former Lecturer in Political Science at Southampton. The Greenbelt Tapes: GB 42 - Evangelisn by David Watson, GB - Christians and Missons by David Harley, and GB 22 - Christians and Politics by Steve Timms (reviewsed by John Peck). Fashion: Girls on Glossies - My Idea of Loveliness by Charlotte. What Is a Slag by Charity.
No. 4. 24 pages. Strait Vinyl: Petra (Never Say Die). ATF (Batteries Not Included). Servant (Rocking Revival). Paul Field (Restless Heart). Maria Muldaur (There Is a Love). 100%. Resurrection Band: In Which Jmaes Holloway Has a 'Phone in" with Glen Kaiser (interview). Servant: Impresario Jim Pollissari famous for the touring rock musical 'Lonnsome Stone' is bavk in England this summer with the Greenbelt mani act 'Servant'. James Holloway had the pleasure of renewing this aquaintance via a transatlantic call and a cute little bugging device that the G.P.). definitly do not sell (interview). Interview with Paul Morley of NME (New Musical Express: an UK music paper). David Puttnam: a Champion Produecer (Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express, Starduct, etc.) by Tim Dean.
More to come

Suffusion. Luling, LA.

Talmidim. Kechi, KS.

Tang. Glendora, NJ.

Thief in the Night. Husonville, MI.

Thieves and Prostitutes.
Hollywood, FL. Later, the zine moved to Cooper City, FL.
No. 2. 8 pages.
No. 3. 8 pages. Sean Sellers from Death Row. Night of Samhain. Cult of the Month. Birth of Halloween.
No. 4. 10 pages. Cover: Peace on Earth. 'Who Is the Real Jesus?' Deitiphobia. 'It's CHRIST-mas.' 'Top 10 reasons i believe Santa Claus is Satan.'
No. 5, March '92. 12 pages. Gypsy Eyes: Denise Kosicki as she appeared on the 'Electric Ladyland' album in 1968. Nina and the Lead. The real Jesus. 'A Journey into Self Discovery: a Comic (Krisna).
No. 6. 12 pages. 'Warning: This zine contains thoughts & and ideas that conflict with a Fascist dictatorship supporters are targeted for extreme persecution!!' Vengeance Rising (three whole pages!). 'If You Can Read This You Weren't Aborted.' A page of poems.
No. 8, April 1993. 12 pages. G. G. Allin sent a letter. 'Struggle Fish with Dig Hay Zoose: interview (2 pages). Two pages of Christian Punk? T&P Does Cornerstone. Interview with Wigtop. Cartoon: 'Runaway Fetus Meets the Feminists'.
No. 9. 12 pages. The Crucified. Pirate Radio. Ikthus. Crash Dog. T&P Tirades. Cult of the Month. Off the Establishment.
No. 10. 10 pages. Homophobia. The Destruction of the Arts. The Naked Truth on Nudity. The Refuge Tampa Bay. Cult of the Month Club.
One of the best zines for great art!

This Magazine. Publication of Narrowpath Records.

This Prophecy.
Lewis Run, PA.
No. 25. July / August, 1996. Let There Be Light. All You Have to Do Is Ask. Eric Champion. Ninety Pound Wuss. Fros't. Tony Moniz. Reviews: Supertone (Adventures of the OC). Havalina (The Diamond in the Fish). Soulfood (Original Soundtrack). Everybodyduck (Everybodyduck). Every Day Life (Disgruntled). Various Artists (One Point Oh). Charlie Peacock (Strangelanguage). Disciple (Lantern).

This Unborn Book.
Carmel, IN.
Issue 2. July, 1992.
Issue 3. 1992.
Issue 4. 1992?
Issue 5. June, 1993.
Issue 6. 1993?

Throat Culture. Minneapolis, MN.

Thunderbutns. Edwardsville, IL.

Tidal Wave Magazine.

True Tunes News
Wheaton, IL.
This was called a 'Magalog' because is was a catalog and music news.
True News Vol. I Summer '89 Issue 3. In two different colors. 32 pages.
True News Vol. II Issue 5. Dec. 1990 (info from post office cancel).
True News Vol. 3 Issue 4. Cover: Michael Gerard Knott.
True News Vol. 4 Issue 5. Cover: Adam Again.
True News Vol. 4 Issue 6. Cover: The Prayer Chain.
True Tunes News. Volume 5 Issue 7.
True Tunes News. Volume 5 Issue 7.5. Cover: Prayer Chaie / Mortal / Glenn Kaiser / Dakoda Co.
True Tunes News. Volume 5 Issue 9. Cover: Steve Taylor.
True Tunes News. Volume 6 Issue 12. Cover: The Right Reverend Edward Daniel Taylor.

True Vine Press. Toledo, OH.

Two Ultras. Oklahoma. OK.

Ultimatum. Albuquerque, NM. Mag of the band Ultimatum.

Umbrella. Publisher: Michael D. Lucchi.

Underground Fire (UGF). Whittier, CA. Hip-Hot and DJ Dance culture.

Underground Railroad. Editor: Trevor Macpherson

Universal Satirical Association. Michael Lazuka.

Un-Official Beverly Hills 90210. . Matthews, NC. Jamie Heffner.

Urgency. Orange, Ca. Keith Day.

Vertigo. Official newsletter of Stund Records.

Voice. Mesa, AZ. Ted Worthless.

Alden, NY and Florida.
John B.Brzykcy: editor, advertising director, circulation manger, production coordinator. Michael Delaney: Contributing editor. Record reviews: Christopher Dale, Doug Peterson, Neal Willams. Paul A. Brzykcy: Artist.
Issue 4, 1985. 12 pages. Editor's Column Listen Up! - letters to the editor. News: U@, Rez Band, Mylon, Loyd Boldman, Philip, Terry Taylor, Gref Volz, John Fischer, Stryper, Steve Taylor. Polarities of "Contemporary Christian" Music by Doug Peterson. Record reviews: Jeff Johnson (Icons) by Christopher Dale. Daniel Band (Run from the Darkness) by Doug Peterson. Petra (Beat the System) by Neal Williams. Movie review: 2010 (MGM pictures) by a Vortexx view. re the Barriers Crumbling? "What Is Wrong with Christtian Art?" by Mike Delaney. What Your Excuse? by Doug Peterson. New Faces: Test. Classified Section.
Issue 5, June / July 1985. 16 pages.
New writer - overseas correspondent: Matthias Mittelstadt. New record reviewers: James Oas, Dave Di Sabatino, Bill Seper. Concert reviews: David Bowles, Jr. (XYLO), Brent Eresman, Geoffrey Norton. Kosher Korner: Larry Miller of Kosher Record Distributors. 12 Reasons Why YOU Should Subscribe to Vortexx. Listen Up! Letters to the Editor by Tony Stippelmans, Arty Abrams, David Gagnon. Movcie review: Mask. Records: The Trumpet Call: a Rock Opera by Valeri Barinov, Presented by the Dave Markee Band (Fortress Records). Mark Heard (Mosaics). Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart (Sheep in Wolves Clothing). The Ron Cassels Band (Kamikaze Christian). The Kosher Korner: Ben Okafor, Zero Option, Rev. Houston, Andy Pratt, Larry Norman will be touring Sweden with the German band Pieces.

Wake Up! Craig Miller and Mark Winter. Christian cartoons and articles.

Wedge Music Magazine. Ohio. Chris Yambar was writer on this one.

What? Magazine. Florida. Vinny Greco.

Whipping Post. Matthews, NC. Jamie Heffner.

White Noise. Point Roberts, WA.

Wisdumb. Seattle, WA.

Wotta' Planet!
James Rubino
The Magazine for the 90's. Comic.
No. 1, Spring 1991. 24 pages.

Yikes. Ft. Wayne, IN.

Xinium. Nashville, TN. Kevin J. Thornton

Zine of the Times
ZOT - David Joo, Stirling, CA.
No. 9, August 1987.

7-Ball. Nashville, TN

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

List of Christian Zines and Magazines

From a tract: Sanctuary Hollywood. Sundays at 1:15 pm

List of Christian Zines and Magazines
Most of the zines and magazines are from the late 1970s to the mid 90s, with some earlier ones in the very late 1960’s. People move, stop writing, etc. Most of these rags have been long gone; only a few have continued into the 2000s. HM is still going strong, but CCM will have its last paper issue in April, 2008. I am trying to list these zines because I wish to get more information from those who edited, wrote, supplied poetry, etc. I would like to get copies of issues that I do not have. If any one has any information, please email at

Now to the list

Abba News
Oklahoma City, OK
Abba News.
December 1997, Vol. 1 No. 9. 8 pages. Special Edition (Part I).
Steven Van Cauwenbergh: manager. Andrea Adair: office control. Eric Robertson: in cool band. Leann Adair: proofreader. Dustin Turner: the man. Eva Hamlin: sweet writer. Preston Vertress Smith: mastering machine. Nikki Williams: the voice. Tara Griffin: staff with skills. Jeremy Bradford: staff. Kyle Sheline: young staff. Jesus Christ: the reasoning behind it all. Holli Rebecca Hill (band). Crosseyed (band): Jerry Bergin, Jason Fowler, Casey Gerber and Dave Ham. Fosters Thinking (band): Andy Anders, Jason Smith, Todd Large and Brian Meiler. Electric Mayhem (band): interview. Switchfoot, All Star United, Third Day: review. Review of Fine China's "No One Knows." Lockdown (band): band began in August of 1996. Uncle J and the Hioy Freejoles (band): began formed in October 1996 as a ska band. Poem: The Return.
January 1998 Vol. 2 No. 1. 8 pages. Special Edition (Part II).
The Shrubs (band). Shade of the Son (band, one page). Stauros (band): 1/4 page. Show review: Starflyer 59. Sappo, Fine China. Poems. Eternal Decision (band): began 1989,officially in 1992. Blindise: Swedish hard-core. Roadside Monument / Frodus. Thee Spivies. Cloud2Ground.
February 1998 Vol. 2 No. 2. 8 pages.
Cover: Joy Electric: Ronnie Marin and Jeff Cloud. Straight - Edge (1 page). Reviews: Johnny Respect (Blue Collar Moxy), Crashdog (Outer Crust), the Isrealites (Washaway), Pony Express (The Eastwood Dive). Warlord (self-titlrd EP), The Cootess (Let's Play House, Traning for Utopia (Plastic Soul Impalement), Outer Circle (self-titled). Concert: Audio Adrenaline, Supertones and Jennifer Knapp reviewed by Jeremy Bradford. Homophobia Is Stupid by Seth.

Above All Else Fanzine. Covine, CA.

ACM Journal
Alternative Christian Music Journal
Sumner, WA
Issue 1, 8 pages. Cover: Drawn by Kathy and David Hastings and taken from Jeff Johnson's compact disc, 'Fallen Splendor.' Used by permission.
Editor: Tom D. Stephenson. Associate editor: Ann Stephenson. Regional editors: Cjarles Gates, Chris Rumbaugh, Lionel Vargas. Distribution: Tacoma / Seattle: Ann Stephenson. Vancouver, B. C.: Greg Otterholt. Washington D.C.: Erik Jones. Philadelphia: Jeff Butz. Chicago: Jamie Lee Rake. New York City: Sal Baldino. Orange County: Chris Rumbaugh. Los Angeles: Mike Futch. Houston / Dallas: Lionel Vargas. San Antonio: Shepherd Shop.
Most of the other pages are a discography of various types of Christian music: Adult Progressive: Justo Almario, Dieter Falk, Jeff Johnson, Geoff Mann / Marc Catley and more. College Progressive: Adam Again, Cafe Noire, No Laughing, the Swoon and more. Alternative: Altar Boys, Blackhouse, Nobody Special, Torn Flesh and more. Top 40 / Dance: After the Fire, Kim Boyce, Jon Gigson, Andy Pratt and more. Yet to Classify: Cloud of Witnesses, Face of Five, Man & Hammer, 35 Little Ducks in a Basket and more.
Issue 2, 12 pages. Cover: Renee Garcia: interview (page 8). Most of the other pages are a discography of various types of Christian music: Progressive: Bill Baumgart, Sandy Simpson, Kirk Whalum, Tom Howard and more. College: Absence of Ceramics, the Claim, Dancing Crows, Christian Image, Elim Hall and more. Alternative: Beauty for Ashes, Empty Tomb, God Sent Humans, the Revolutionary and more. Top 40 / Dance: Arcade, Deacon Blue, the Lifters, Glen Allen Green and more. 1Inch Dance: Steve Arrington, Philip Bailey, Peter Case, Al Green. Yet to Classiry: Arbitrage, Common Factor, Dress for Success, Filament.
Also: Video listings, alterative radio stations, periodicals (ACM, the Burning Bush, Contacts, Crossbeat, Cutting Edge, Different Drummer, Harvest Rock Syndicate, Heaven's Metal, Livewire, Notebored, the Obligator, the Rain, Rag Time, Review, Rizzen Roxx, Real Alternative Press, Spamm, Strait, Who Can BNe Against, White Noise, White Throne).
Issue 3, 16 pages. Cover: Charlie Peacock (pages 8 - 9). More of the discography. Page 10: CD or Not CD. Marketing Tips. Interview with Glenn Kaiser.
Issues 4, 16 pages. More of the discography. Scaterd - Few (page 5). Not Your Average Christmas Play: Pacific Theatre's "Remnant." (page 8). The interview with the Innocence Mission (page 8 -9). Also: Royalty and Records: the Life of Count de Moni. Notes on Video. Issachar: a Strategic Missions Service.
Issue 5, 12 pages. Cover: New Zealand's the Clear: an Interview with Dave White (Pages 6 - 7). More of the discography (the discog IS very good within the dates for this or this zine; the type set of the discography is now smaller ). Other sections: A Letter from the Eritor... Why Toss the Two - sided Coin?... Real Music for a Real World... An Interview with Steve Scott (pages 10 - 11).
Issue 6, 4 pages.Cover: Ashley Cleveland: an interview (pages 1, 3). Article on Jeff Johnson, written by Gord Wilson. KOKF Alternative CHR Radio: article interview (to be continued in no. 7). Where Angels Fear to Tread: a Brief Promer of Licensing, Publishing, & other High Explosives written by Daniel Koenig, a musician, audio engineer, and independent producer.
Issue 7, 16 pages. Cover: Dig Hay Zoose interview (8 - 9). Misc. Notes: So, you are in a band by Bill Power. Video Kills by Kevin Allison. Music News Update: by John Thompson (Chicago: True News), Wim Boluyt (Holland: Pure Rock Report), Tom Stephenson (Seattle: ACM Journal). Sincerely Paul interview (pages 4 - 5). KOKF interview with Greg Griffin). Bit more of the discography. Interview with Code of Ethics.
Issue 8, 12 pages. Cover: Simple Truth with Tim McLaughlin. Review by Jennifer Morison: Angels Fall - Taproot Theatre. Music News Update: some zines that you may have overlooked - Couter Culture, 4u Thoughts, Piggle Tassle, Something for Nothing, Thieves and Prostotutes, Virtual Reality. Indept't Artists: the Big Picture (pages 4 -5, 9 - 12).
Issue 9, 12 pages. Cover: Over the Rhine (interview pages 1, 6-7). The Censorship Lie by Bill Power. Music News Update. Fred: Portrait of an Artist. Five more pages of the discography
Issue 10 8 pages. The last issues of ACM Journal. Cover: Sorrow of Seven (pages 1, 4 -5 ). From the Editor - Good Bye. Article: The Death of the Christian Industry - a Lesson in Economics. Music News Update. Photospective by Mark Ellner: To give us a view of the Cornerstone festival as a photographer. Article: Where Can Our Sheep Mentality Lead? Page 8 gives many places for publications - try to find those old paper zines from the 89 and into the 90's.

ACME. Indiana. All issues #2 - #10. See ACME below.

Activist / Manna Underground Press
Chris Yambar: publishing editor.
Manna Underground Press
No. 1. The Superman Syndrome Comic Book Cult (part 1). Talents (Gifts, Wilderness and Usage). A Man Can Enter Heaven Without. The Keaggy View. Randy Stonhill (Between the Glory and the Flame). Resurrection (Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore). Omega Rider (Earth Sonship).
No. 2. Abyss of Tears (story). J. R. R Tolkien by Terry McCabe. Galactic David: a Silent Epic by Chris Yambar (comic). Ministry Potlifgt. Talk Back III. Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos.Reviews: Sheila Walsh (Future Eyes). Rick Cua (Kooh - Ah). Daniel Amos (Alarma). Comic Decoded.. Comic Book Cult (part 2). Silent Killer.
No. 3. Manna # 3 What Is It? There 's a Killer on the Loose: (Suicide) by Terry McCabe. But God... You Promised! by Maureen Yambar. Straight up Terry McCabe. Review: Lyrix (Songs from the Earth). Alien Convention by Chris - Dust 1982 (comic). Jerusalem: Interview with Ulf Christianson. Knight Stalker{ An Honest Look at Masturbation by C. Yambar "Doody" the Frog & "Ditto' Komix.
No. Vol 2, No. 4. 16 pages. Cover: Rape, Revolution, Inner Ring, Mr. Body, Alternative Radio. The Mr. Body Story..... by C Yambar. "Manna Press - What Is It?" The vision was to create a newspaper for people addicted to the Rolling Stones and the Clash. It was to be a newspaper designed to get the attention of people involved in campus education and the atrs. It was to be a paper to reach the hurting and lost. It was to have a prpgressive look. It was to deliver a vital message. News from Terry McCabe, the slead singer of contemporary rock 'Sweet Fire' Article: Beware! The Inner Ring by Terry Wolf. Letters. Revolution - 7 by Terry McCabe. Interview: The Alternative Radio Show with Jeff Dunn. A True Story -Rape by Anonymous.
No. 17 Summer 1986 (Activist). Cover: Undercover.
No. 21, 40 big pages. 1988. Cover: Amy Grant. Editorial: the End Is Here! Letter Dept. (pages 3 - 4). The Mail Odor Biz: an article about the Number One Son, a Christian company selling LPs and CDs. (not a very good place to send your money). Side Lines: about this and that. Condoms on TV by C. Yambar. Messiah Jackson?! by C. Yambar. Understanding the Controversy: The following letter was written to us by Tracy Villapando from the now-defunct newsletter 'Radicals for Christ.' Recently, there has been a 'holy war' os sorts between Radicals and the heavy metal band Bride. (for more see back issues of The Cutting Edge).
More to come!

Adonai Metal Rock. France. Daniel Baillod.
No. 2, January 1989. 48 pages in French. Some articles: Charizma, Eternal Ryte, Martyr, Paradox, White Underground - 15 demos: Apostle (Hymns 1988), Paradox (Ruler 1987), Arsenal (demo 1987), Believer (The Return 1987), Second Chance (Blazing Wasteland 1988), Taker (demo 1987), Seraiah (Soldier of Jehovah 1988), Xalt (Dark War 1988), Lightforce (Battlezone 1987), The Warning (A Virgin in the Midst of Whores 1987), Watchmen (Fear No Evil 1987), First Strike (Crank It Up 1987), Mediator (Papillon 1988), Crucible (Snatched from the Fire 1987), Sldier (Louder Than Hell 1987), Soldier / H.E.R.O., Blairing Out, Leviticus, Oz Fox, Revelation / Messiah Prophet/ Emerard / Stryper, Dual Edge, Flames of Fire on Stage: Saint, White news, Top 40 bands. Reviews: Tempest (A Coming Storm), Bjorn Stigsson (Together with Friends), California Metal (compilation), Bloodgood (Detonation), White Cross (White Cross), Trytan (Celestial), Barren Cross (Atomic Arena), Saint (Too Late for Living), Shout (It Won't Be Long), Neon Cross (Neon Cross), Idle Cure (Tough Love), Stryper (In God We Trust), Heavy Righteous (compilation), Bride (Live to Die), East Coast Metal (compilation). Seraiah, Tempest.

Afflicted (formally called Countersingn). Two pages, no number etc. Steve Christner, Charlotte, FL. From the first page: "I was coming home from a hard day at work and was thinking, my job is a good example of this dreaded Me generation. I'm not talking about little things like always wanting a bigger piece of pie so to speak, but verbaly cutting your 'friends' down just to get a promotion or look better in front of your boss. All of this goes back to the sinful nature and wanting more, more, we should put others first and serve. The Bible blatenly speaks against this in Philippians 2 vs 3. "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." Easy enough right? Humility is such a big part of Christianity. Again we see in Luke 14 vs. 7 Jesus advised people not to rush for the best seats at the feast. This is what I'm trying to get at. How can we humble ourselves? Some people try to give the apperance of humility in order to manipulate others. Truly humble people compare themselves only with Christ, rwalize their own sinfulness and know their limits. humility is not self-degradation, it is a relationship with Christ. I think the people at work are going to have a hard time in the judgement seat. Pray for humility. Steve.

Against the Grain Sydney, Australia. Started in June 1988. About us: Mark Wilesmith has worked for the commercial radio station 2GB as well as community radio. He is a long-time closet crusader for alternative Christian music, and admits to "dancing around the lounge room to Bob Dylan's 'Saved.'" Suzanne Johnson is learning to juggle her uni course, radio and writing for 'Shout' magazine, a Christian youth magazine. She can be identified as the one wearing black, paisley, and a cross...
Issues: 1-3, 6 - 24.
Issue 1: June 1988.
Page 2: Concerts - Whitecross, Rosanna's Raiders, In the Silence, Lightbearer, Surprise, Priority Paid, Warrior, Steve Camp. Page 3: A page for Priority Paid: John Burns: lead vocals. Owen Craig: bass, vocals. Peter Downey: guitar, vocals. Iain McDonald: guitar. Rik Petereit: drums, vocals. Page 5 was for Steve Taylor.
Issue 2: August 1988.
Page 2: A.T.G's aim is to present God through music by Christian artists that tends to heavy or alternative, because we believe that people should be able to listen to music in a form that they enjoy, but that still glorifies God. Not all Christians like David Meece and Amy Grant. Some like their music slow, some like it fast. We like it loud. Page 2 - 3: Some concerts August to September : Lighbeare, In the Silence, Red Rain, Heirforce, Larry Norman, Tony Williams, Daryl [?] Mansfield, Surprise, Steven Curtis Chapman, David Meece and Shiela Walsh.
Page 3: News - Bloodgood's new album 'Rock in a Hard Place' is due out round September, but it's bad news for the metalheads. They've followed Stryper's lead and gone wimp (ah, that's what they mean by a 'new approach to production will bring a more commercial sound to the band'...)
Page 4: NEWS.. In the Silence launch their first vinyl release entitled 'Things to Come' on August 20. After their stint at BlackStump ITS will be crossing the Tasman with Rosanna's Raiders and the Newsboys to play at NZ's 'Mainstage' festival. / This issue's 'Dropkick of the Month' award goes to the witch hunters who, having caused the postponement of the Steve Taylor tour, have laid into - of all people - sweet Amy Grant. It seems the title of her new album, 'Lead Me On,' is (gasp!) suggestive. Never mind thinking for a second what it could possibly mean in a Christian context, Amy has 'lost the anointing' ... seems more likely that some people have lost their marbles .... Really!
Page 5: Rage of the Road - Saturday July 9th 2NBC launched the secord 'Rage of the Age' concert with Priority Paid and Three Storey Men at Narwee Boys' High. It was great to see ragers from all areas of Sydney having a great time and supporting 2NBC as well. / Shout magazine... you've heard about it (because we write for it) but what is it, you ask. Well, it's a Christian youth magazine with the latest news and articles on bands, interviews, record reviews, plus a Christian perspective on a social issue or two.
Issue 3: October 1988.
Page 2 - 3. Rage - Concerts. Events are correct at time of printing but subject to change or cancellation. Any changes of alterations will be broadcast in our weekly gig guide.
October: Kim Hill (Fri. 8th). Priority Paid (Fri. 14). Measure the Waters / In the Silence / Priority Paid and Confidante / Deborah with Smooth As (all on Sat. 15; different venues). Steve Taylor / Confidante / Priority Paid / Out of Perspective (all on Sat. 22, different venues). Deborah (Wed. 26). Surprise / One Way (all on Fri. 26, different venues). Searcher / Confidante / Surprise / Deborah (Sat. 29, different venues).
November: Steve Henderson (Sat. 5). Deborah with Smooth As (Sun. 6). Deborah (Tues. 15. Youth Alive Sat. 19). In the Silence (Sat. 260.
Advance notice... Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill are due to paly in Sydney on Sat. Dec. 3... RUMORS... Amy Grant for the end of the year, Stryper or maybe Barren Cross or Bloodgood for '89. Not to mention the the 'artists to availability' for JAM 89 in January; at last count this includes Rick Cua, DeGarmo and Key, Leviticus and last years' quest winners In the Silence.
Page 4. Surprise's limited edition live cassette is quickly selling out. Recorded at Castle Hill and Narwee Boys' high schools, you can get it from PO Box 670, Lane Cove if you send... / A compilation of East Coast Metal has finally arrived in Australia, featuring Believer, Trytan, the Lead... check out Unlimited Discs at Beverly Hills. / Blackstump attracted about 5000 people over the long weekwnd. If you thought more have gone, JPUSA's Cornerstone only got 8000. Now, if you could see Amy, Charlie Peacock, Rez, Kim Hill, Da (to name but a few) where would you be???? / According to NZ/s Spamm magazine, the controversy over Steve Taylor's 'I Blew up the Clinic..' has prompted the Aust. record company to 'remove the offending song from the re-released 'I Predict 1990.' What? Since when ? And would Steve Taylor ever let it happen?? / Darrell Mansfield visited Sydney in September for a lowkey schools and unis tour that mixed an uncompromising message with barroom R&B and squealing harmonica. Playing bass was a Kendall Waller (remember Avion?). What's wrong with showing the devil getting stomped on? I don't know either, but Christian record stores in Sweden have boycotted Jerusalem's new album gor portraying it. If Satan can't get stomped on, how does Romans 16:20 fit? The Warning's new tape Cut the Crap is under way. Meanwhile you can hear their previous efforts on ATG - request it! REZ have formed their own record label, "Grrr," and are currently recording a new album called "Silence Screams."
Dropkick of the Month - This issue goes to the slammers at Surprise's Blackstump gig. Slamdancing is fine, as is headbanging, paisley dancing or what ever you happen to be into, but when the dancing gets too rough and peop;e nearby are getting hurt, there's something wrong. Dance however you like - but have respect for others, and consider this: would Jesus have hurt people dancing in his name?
Issue 6: May '89.
Four pages
Front page: picture of the band Lightforce. The Mouse Raps..."If you get a Christian metalhead into a discussion about what he waers, the response will usucally be that 1) he likes wearing the style; and 2) it allows them to witness to non-Christian metalheads. But what biblical basis can they give? (If you want a copy, go to the blog and I will send you to you). NEWS: David Zaffiro is putting out a solo album... called "Diversity." Shout album, "In Your Face." If you tgought it was bad enough trying to stay upright down the front at Stryper, or got moshed at the Mragastore, spare a thought for Melbourne's metalheads. The Stryper in-store at Metal for Melbourne was canceled after 2000 tirned up. Things got out of hand when a plate glass window broke and teo people got carted off to hospital. Bet Smallbone's relieved that his next chafge is Amy... First the good news: a new Christian thrash band calling themselves Redemptor are preparing to hit the Sydney pub scene. Bad news is that the lead screamer has to move to Qld, so if you think you can snarl with the best of them, and know the real master of the matel, ring Peter... Lightbearer are back, at least temporarily. They'll be palying a few gigs round town... From South Australia, P.E.W.K. have changed their name to Tranquility Smash... and Ookookachoo are headed for Synney (on crumbs, now I've got to ;earn to pronouce it)... From Perth: The Rockin' Rabbis have signed a distribution deal with Alpha and Omega for their 'Noisy Little Sunbeams' cassette, which they claim is a mix of metal, punk, thrash and blues... New bands in Perth: Reverend's Revenge, the Quick and the Dead, and It. White Metal Scribe is a Christian heavy metal newsletter coming out monthly; The Son is a magazie aimed to teach and encourage Christians (both in Austrlia). Rage: Concerts: Surprise. Heirforce. Priority. Bogmonsters. Still Thinking. Rosanna's Raiders. Lightforce. Steve Grace. In the Silence. Records Review: Do I Stand Alone by Mike Stand.
Issue No. 7 July - August '89.
Six pages.
Cover: Light Force, metal; and two pictures (2 pages). News: Bloodgood; David Zaffiro; Darrell Mansfield on Bon Jovi's latest album; the Choir with the Cowboy Junkies and Joy Division; One Bad Pig; Vengeance; Rick Cua; Kim Boyce; Bryan Duncan. Disciple are preparing to record a new album "Only a Prayer Away" at Melbourne's Timbertop studios. New album for Rosanna's Raiders called "Clothed in Fire". Newsboys are now touring the USA. Shoit sold 41,000 copies of the latest "In Your Face." Tall Stories have secured a 2 album recording deal with CBS. Look out for new Sydney band Guns of Fire, formed from various Sydney pub and Christian bands including Lightbearer, O1'55, and Frontline. Another new metal band on the scene is a young band called Sword. Record Reviews: Mystical by Lightforce (Jay Mindeman from the Cutting Edge); Let's Spin by the Swirling Eddies (Suzanne J.); Long Way from Paradise by Allies (Colin from 'Down the Line); Noisy Little Sunbeams by Rockin' Rabbis (Suzanne J.). Rage - Concerts: Holy Rite, Guns of Fire, In the Silence, Still Thinging, Measure the Waters, Warrior, Allan Webb Quartet, Heirforce, the Soul Shakers, Rosanna's Raiders, Aliens in Exile, Point Blank, Confidante, Priority Paid, the Weekenders. Update: In the Silence. Blackstump: Friday 29th September till Monday 2nd October the Cataract Scout Part at Appin; bands are Priority Paid, In the Silence, Lightforce, the Surprise and Steve Grace plus a couple of Kiwi ring-ins.
Issue No. 8 August - September '89
Six pages
Cover: Derek Lind and the Velvettes (Kiwis) for Black Stump. The Velvettes: Thud, Vinny, Zoot and the Kid. They hail from Christchurch, South Island, and stared their illustrious carrer playing Elvis and Beatles covers. In the News: Rap act P.I.D. (reachers in Disguise). Vengeance's new album "Warfare." Lightforce are a thrash in the Melbourne pub metal scene. Jacob's Trouble (not metal!). Ever hear of a heavy-ish band called Flock 14? Well, the guys obviously have more diverse tastes in music, because they've formed an alter-ego called World Theatre to release a more alternative album. Who says there's no decent Aussie Christian music around? To help you get acquainted with some local stuff, DTS has taken $2 off all the Aussie albums it distributes, including Avion, Red Rain, Surprise and Alien in Exile. Also: Mike Warnke; Cliff Richard; Darrell Mansfield; Confidante from touring Brisbane in early September. News from Adelaide: the Juggernauts and Soldiers of the Cross; Surprise have a new album, 'Fish,' to be released by Refuge records. The Mouse Raps: Indiana Jones' Lost Crusade. Record: Forever Mercy by Altar Boys by Dave Lee; Hot Metal Summer 2: Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roo (Frontline) (Suzanne Johnson); The Past Behind by the Lead (Suzanne Johnson). Rage: Concerts: Surprise; In the Silence and The Weekenders; Still Thinking; Confidande; Priority Paid; Surprise plus Point; Measure the Waters; Guns of Fire; Allen Webb Jazz Quartet; Petra plus Surprise; Shattered Image; Smash Repair; Priority Paid plus Southern Cross.
Issue No. 9 October - November '89.
10 pages
Cover: U2. Love Rescue Me (2 pages and 2 pictures): interview with Bono, Larry, and Edge. News: Might be a band to look out for... The Cry won the New Music (ie. non-metal) category of the Cornerstone music fest. Dan Kennedy of the Cutting Edge describes their music as 'solid pop rock' with some influence from the harmonica of Bob Dylan and the overall sound of the 60's and early 70's. You heard it here first... Also: Guardian; Veil of Ashes; Charlie Peacock; Martyr's new demo should hit Australia soon, look out for 'Imminent Warfare'; Petra; Deniece Williams; Whiteheart; Margaret Becker; Still Thinking have found a new bass player but are still searching for a lead singer; the Choir; Operation Showcase Take 2 will be held at TC's (2 Clyde St Silverwater) on October 21. Featuring more bands you probably haven't heard of yet (but will soon), the day will finish with a set from Guns of Fire. Measure the Waters, a Sydney band with a unique style of blended rhythms and pietic music, have released a demo tape. The Son is a free Christian magazine produced by a number of people up Castle Hill way. Red Rain have gone a period of reformation and are concentrating on playing the Sydney pub scene. Lust Control have a new demo out for those of you who endured their previous "condom nation" (say it quickly); guaranteed to produce more controversy, it's titled "Dance Naked". Disciple were featured in Hot Metal magazine's rundown of the Adelaide metal scene. Their demo album 'Sacred Knights now generally available and their new album "Only a Prayer Away" should be on its way soon. Jeff Crabtree has teamed up with Jackie Jensen to form the band Big Business; they debuted at a Youth Festival at Campsie a few weeks back. The "Band Night in the Bunker: in Adelaide in September featured a new band that ought to be great, assuming their music is a good as their name. And Then There Three is a 3 piece band (funny that) playing a blend of jazz, rhythm and blues and rock. Whitecross Competition. It's God's World: Care for It!: article about Greenhouse Effect and Ozone holes (2 pages). Rage: Concerts: Holy Rite. Toerags. Armagedded. Surprise. Priority. Trish Watts and Dennis Clare. St. Luke's Bush Band. Weekenders. Southern Cross. Steve Grace and Bryan Duncan. Naked Flame. In the Silence. Gordon Barr and Band. Guns of Fire. Light Force. Whitecross. Record Reviews: Wide Eyed Wonder by the Choir (Suzanne Johnson); Pain by Veil of Ashes (Dan Kennedy if the Cutting Edge (US); Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feets by Various Myrrh Artists (Jamie Lee Rake: the Cutting Edge).
Issue 10 Dec '89 - Jan. '90.
12 pages
Camels and Needles: Surfie's Rap. REZ: Innocent Blood (2 pages). Thrash Pig: a cartoon (cover page and page 4). Vengeance: Roger Martinez Raps to A.T.G. (1 page, i photo). News: Rosanna Palmer from Raiders has released an independant cassette of 'Rock Praise', a number of original praise choruses from tge Church of the Rock, where Rosanna and husband Dave Palmer (als0 in Raiders) are pastores in Melbourne's St. Kilda. On the demo scene... those rockers from Castle Hill, the Bogmonsters, have released a demo of mainly 50's 60's covers entitled 'Back from the Swamp'.

Aliens in a Hostile World!
James Rubino. Comics.
No. 2: I Am That I Am!
No. 3: Followers of the All! 12 pages.
No. 6: Is society warped... Or am I???

Alternity. Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

American Gospel.
A glossy mag that was a part of CCM'sDr. Vernard Johnson: Gift of the Gospel Sax (3 pages)l empire. Vice president / general manager: William C. Gorden. Editorial director: Hilary Clay Hicks. Issues:
Vol. 1, No. 3. September / October 1991. 40 pages.
Cover: Shirley Caesar. O'Landda Draper and the Associates: Above & Beyond: Gospel Choir Records "Wipe a Tear" Anthem of Brotherhood Featuring Contemporary Christian Singer Russ Taff (2 pages). Black Businessman Develops Christian Video Games. The Power of the Pulpit: In a Struggle That Pits Clergy Against Corporations, Will Black Consumers Be Winners or Losers? Part 1 (2 pages). Take It to the MAX: Southern California's KMAX-FM a National Trend-Setter (2 pages). Dr. Vernard Johnson: Gift of the Gospel Sax (3 pages). The 7th Annual Chicage Gospel Festival (2 pages).Fred Hammond Goes Solo: But He's Still Commissioned (2 pages). Jerry Peters: Now You Know His Name; Producer, arranger, composer, songwriter and musician (2 pages). Inez Andrews: Gospel Diva Sings to Raise Up a Nation (2 pages). Darryl Strawberry: Spiritual Home Run by Randy Rocker (2 pages). Rapper Mike-E: Wants the Church 2-No: G-Rap Is 4 Good (2 pages). Fixit in the Name of Jesus: the Raina Bundy Story (2 pages). Was This the Last UNAC?: Workshop Ministry (2 pages). Ben Chavis, Jr.: From Political Prisoner to Activist by S. David Thomas (2 pages).
Vol. 1, No. 4. November / December 1991. 48 pages.
Cover: Phil and Brenda Nicholas. Virginia's Governor Douglas Wilder: the Next President of the United States? by David Thomas (1 pages). Nicholas: a New Album... (2 pages). The Georgia Mass Choir: Down Home Trendsetters by Linda Bell ( 1 page). Opera Stars Sing Spirituals: Jessye Norman and Kathleen Battle (1 page). The Marilyn McCoo You Should Know: a Pop Star Committed to the Gospel (2 pages). Sounds of Blackness: Is It Gospel, or What? by David Thomas / Spotlight on Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (of Sounds of Blackness) (2 pages). The Gospel Summit at the 25th Annual: Montreux Jazz Festival (2 pages). Highlights of the GMWA Convention '91 in Salt Lake City (2 pages). Reggie White: Interview with "The Minister of Defense." by Randy Rocker (2 pages). Christian Rap Is Here to Stay by David Thomas (Freedom of Soul, Stephen Wiley, E.T.W., D.O.C. M.C. GeGee, Dynamic Twins, Washington, Transformation, M.C.R.G. Idol King, Michael Peace, P.I.D., S.F.C.(2 pages). New Feature: the Gospel Bookshelf (2 pages). The Gospel Gourmet: Patti, Dionne, Gladys and Rance Suggest Palate-Tempting Dishes for the Holidays of Any Time (2 pages). New Feature: Gospel Gifts, Products & Merchandise (2 pages. November / December 1991 Charts: Top Albums of 25 albums; Radio Airplay of 25 albums.
Vol. 2, No. 1, January / February 1992. 40 pages.
Cover: The Wilmington - Chester Mass Choir. Gospel Artists Reflect on Gospel Music's Historical Impact ( 2 pages). "Look a Little Closer: at Helen Baylor (1 page). An Historical View of the Church, Gospel Music and Civil Rights by Dr. Joseph E. Lowery. (1 page); Dr. Lowery is President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Civil Rights organization founded by Dr. Martin Luter King. Steve Wiley: the Father of Gospel Rap by David Thomas Pages 14, 36). Fred Mendelsohn: a Major Contributor to Gospel Music History ( 2 pages). An Up-Close Look at the Wilmington - Chester Mass Choir by Denise Dunn Mayo (2 pages). The Gospel Bookshelf. Shiba Freeman: Gospel Executive on the Go (1 page). Bishop Richard Allen (1760 - 1831: Founder of Mother Bethel A.M.E. (2 pages). Kevin Johnson of the Phoenix Suns: )n Faith, Prayer and Magic Johnson (2 pages). Today's Black Sacred Music by Wyatt Tee Walker (1 page). Releases: Serious by Kingdom; Back to Basics by Nicholas; Adoration-N-Prayze; Look a Little Closer by Helen Baylor; the Word Is by Freedom; Back on Track by the DeBarge Family; Together by the Kurt Carr Singers; Over and Over by Margaret Bell. The Gospel Gourmet: Rev. Jesse Jackson; Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks; Dr. Joseph E. Lowery; and Albertina Walker. New Artists: New Faith by Ana Gascon. America Gospel : Jan / Feb 1992 Charts.
Vol. 2, No. 2, March / April 1992. 40 pages
Cover: Daryl Coley. What Resurrection Day Means to Me: Mom Winans; John P. Kee. Kinnection; Babbie Mason; David Hernandez of Nu Vision; Dr. Bobby Jones; Surrender. Dr. Leonard Scott's Power Source (1 page). American Gospel Arts Day, June 19th, 1992 (1 page). Suddenly, It's Daryl (Coley) (2 pages). Margaret Bell & Keith Byars: the Gospel Music and Muscle Couple (14-15, 31 pages). D.O.C.: No Compromise! (1 page). Meet the Bell Sisters (pages 17, 27). Traditional: Shirley Caesar: the Queen of Gospel (pages 18, 26-27). The Gospel Bookshelf. Interracial Gospel Groups: Rainbow of Love by Linda Bell: The CVC Youth Choir; DC Talk; True Soldiers; Keith Dobbins and the Resurrection Mass Choir (2 pages). Gospel Warrior: Mary Johnson Davis (1899-1982 (pages 22,31). Billy & Sarah Gaines: Doing R&B Gospel God's Way. The Gospel Gourmet. The Seventh Annual Stellar Awards. Releases: Through the Storm by Yolanda Adams; Nobody Loves Me like You by Billy and Sarah Gaines; The Lany by Vivkie Winans; I'll Tell the World by Myrna Summers; Surrender by Surrender; Brand New Gospel Format by Bernard Wright; Best Fof Last by Bishop Norman L. Wagner and the Mount Calvary Concert Choir. American Gospel March / April Charts 1992.
Vol. 2, No. 3, May / June 1992. 40 pages.
Cover: Al Green. The Evangelistic Gospel Soul of Al Green (pages 10, 21). 15-Year-Old Gosper Singer Talks About Her 'New Direction: DeLeon. Dancing with Spirit Wings by Bil Carpenter (Sandy Mitchell, leader of the Spirit Wings Dance company). Shun Pace Rhodes: 'How It Happened.' (2 pages). Michael Peace: the Street Is His Beat (16, 21). Smash Touring Gospel Musical: God Is Trying to Tell You Something (2 pages). Living Heritage: An American Gospel Arts Day Special: The CBS Trumpeteers, Then and Now. News: five pages. Gospel Gourmet (2 pages). Bookshelf. Gospel Industry: Taking Gospel Into All the World: American Gospel at MIDEM '92. Releases: The Vision by Pattie Howard; Never Shall Forgot by VIP Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir; New Faith by New Faith; Family & Friends Choir III by Ron Winans; Number 7 by Commissioned; Hope for the World by Donnie Harper and New Jersey Mass; Refreshingly by Denice Tichenor. American Gospel May / June Charts 1992.

Anumeralist. Norristown, PA.

Anything But Milquetoast. "A Neat-O Zine for Neat-O People." Credits: coordinator: Abraham B. Normal. Typists: Lady Jen Squash, Abe Norman, Mr. X, Irby. Writers: Captain Caucasian, Abe Norman, Mark Jaquette, Irby (J.E.B.), Somme, Mr. X, Lucie. Artists: Mark Jaquette, Mr. X, Lucie, Ladu Jen Squash, Jody Soloman.
Issue 3, 16 pages. Poetry, commetary, etc. The Pursuit of Don Quixotie by Captain Caucasian hanging out in a groovy bar. Poetry by M.J, Somme, Irby, Mister X. "I'm really sick of all these guddy fools screaming 'peace' and 'no war.' Now don't get me wrong...' Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. Article on sexuality by Irby. More poPoetry by M.J., Lucie, Irby, Somme, Abe.

Arena. Tampa, FL. Josh McDonald: editor (I think). Issue #3, 11/18/94. March 1995 - ?. Possible last issue. Poetry, letters, some music.

Arise. Wichita, KS.

Art Clipping. Athens, GA. Editor: Siggy. Staff: Jordan Glen Feibus, Josh Jackson, Tom Miles, Tim Porter, Siggy. The Art Clipping mag reviews Chrisian and secular music.
No. 1, June 1993 (40 pages). Cover: Vigilantes of Love: Killing Floor. Vigilantes of Love: Jugular. Bill Mallonee: In a Nutshell. Tom Waits: Bone Machine. T Bone Burnett: The Criminal Under My Hat. Peter Case: Six-Pack of Love. Seventy Sevens: Pray Naked. Laird Faulkner: same. The Random Ramblings of a Madman: Cut the Cake (John Heywood). Murray Attaway: In Thrall. Sting: Ten Summoner's Tales. Plague of Ethyls: same.Newsboys: Not Ashamed. Lyle Lovett: Joshua Judges Ruth. Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Session. Soul Asylum:Grave Dancers Union.
No. 2, August 1993 (24 pages). Cover: Over the Rhine. No. 3, June 1994 (36 pages. Cover: Peter Case.
No. 3 never came out. From a letter from Tom Miles, Sept. 22, 1997). Also: The Art Club Catalog. Art is a bi-monthly publication for music collectors; debut was December 13, 1993.

Art House Newsletter. Fall . Winter 1994. Nashville, TN.

Asphalt Planet: Reform Revive Revolt. Oklahoma, OK. Chris Sharpe: publish / design. L. Sharpe: proofing / admin. Columnists: Steve M,. Julia Davis, Matt Ralph, Kevin Huizenga, Shawn Smith (no. 3).
No. 1, July 1998. 20 pages.
Columns: Saved By Love by Steve M.; Poem Girl: Julia Davis; Drive, Baby, Drive! by Chris Sharpe. Brother Danielson... "my dad baptized me in our kiddie pool. It was September, I think, and it was cold"; "We're talking about something much, much deeper. Danielson Famile is not Christian music." Jesse Hamm: Q and A: Jesse Hamm lives in Lodi, California where he makes cool comis books. Jesse doesn't waste your time with the typical comic book cliches of suprtheroes and stupid sci-fi. Instead, he takes you to incredible worlds that are the unique creation of his own brain. He is an excellent artist and he's not afraid to use his talents to hammer home spiritual truth. Above all, his comics are funny! Jesse is about to unlease an all-hew series of strips on an unsusspecting public. The new project is called Savage Daisies, and it will be available from Asphalt Planet this summer. Supermonster: by KH 98 (3 pages).
No. 2. . Columns: Beauty for Ashes: abortion; Cornerstone 98 by Matt Ralph; poem girl by Julia Davis; interview with Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music; reviews of Aunt Bettys, Vigilantes of Love, Jetenderpaul; zines: Garlic Press, Catacomb, Unseen, Burnt Toast, Supermonster; film: Saving Private Ryan and The Mask of Zorro. Endpaper: Kevin Huizenga ia a student at Calvin College. He writes and draws Supermonster Comics and Stories.
No. 3, September 1998. Music, zines (Something for Nothing, Building Adam, Lousy! Magazine, Supermonster #7. Comics, columns, poem girl. Interview with underground poet, Steve Malakowsky. "Fingers" by Douglas Wilson. Reviews of: Vanilla; Mortification; Starflyer 59; Pep Squad; Audio X; the Corbans; and Knowdaverbs. Also: Fine China, Pony Express. Some zines: Building Adam (Toronto), Lously! Magazine (Ohio), Supermonster #7 (IN), and Somthing for Nothing # 40 (OH).

A.F.T.S. (Autographs for the Sick) from a lyric in a DA song.
Scott Russell
Wilmore, KY
No ? Right after Cornerstone '90. Sodom-in retrospect" reflection of a Christian College Graduate... Sin Disease Scaterd-few. Breakfast with Amy - Everything was beautiful. Painted Orange. Zines! Blackhouse. Dead Artist Syndrome. Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Selfishness rights, II. Two paper lppking back at Cornerstone '90.
Volume, Issue 3, Spring 1991. Sick War: Praise God for Peace When the Peace Brings Praise to God. Some poetry. The Top Ten of 1990: #1 Sticks and Stones by the 77's ties with scaterd few's Sin Disease. #2 The Crucified same. #3 Chosen by The Violet Burning. #4 The Secret of Time. #5 Nobody Special Call It Whatever You Want. Reviews of scaterd, 77s / Mike Roe, Adam Again (Homeboys), DAS (Prints of Darkness, Breakfast with Amy (Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, Charlie Peacock (The Secret of Time), Mad at the World (Seasons of Love), Mark Heard (Dry Bones Dance), The Lead (Burn This Record), No Laughing Matter (Monster). Chagall Guevera. L.S.U. Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor's Miracle Telethon. Cafe Noir's album "When I Awaken," classified as hot by Chris Vicious. "Heartbreak Town: is a blazing hot album by Chris Vicious (band: The Stand). Ramald Domkus continues his talk with Chris Vicious (2 pages). Zines.

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ACME (Alternative Christian Music Enthusiasts)

ACME newsletter was published bi-monthly in Berne, Indiana and lasted for ten issues. Began in September, 1983 through number 10 March, 1986. I have not seen or heard of any issue after number 10.

Vol. 1 Issue 2 Nov / Dec 83 2 pages 25 cents
Undercover - review of God Rules. News...of: Alter Boys. Ministry Resource Center: a new wave compilation with Undercover, Youth Choir, Malcolm and the Mirrors, Alter Boys, the Lifters and C.I.A./ Talking Drums new 12 inch dance single: songs 'Courage,' 'Parasuicid' and 'Descarte Lives.' / The Quiet Commandoes (at Greenbelt 81) have changed name to Tenfoots for Greenbelt 83. / Review of Stev Camp's 'It's a Dying World.' Review of the Decoy Men's single: 'Dole Queue Dreamers' / 'Plastic People.'

Vol. II Issue 1 Jan / Feb '84 2 pages 25 cents
Reviews of U2 - 'Under a Blood Red Sky' and '2 Sides Live.' News of Undercover, Alter Boys, U2. P.S. Personal has a new single: 'Shoot Me Down' and the Click have a new single: some titles are 'Dizzy Spinning 'Round and 'Just Another Monday.' Face to Face (formerly the Mystery Guests) are in the studio. Word of a new LP from the Alarm. Other new releases: 3-song, 7-inch EP by the Tenfoots; 'When You Get What You Wanted You Don't Want It Anymore' by Pietro Dinzee. 'Carry You' / 'Modern Police' by Andy Pratt and 'What You Tell Me' by Pieces of Glass. Info about the Fear of Falling (previously called Crown Agent); songs are: 'Like a Lion,' 'Prodigal' and 'You/Me' and two unnamed songs. Review of 'Dream Life' by the Lifesavors and the Alarm's self-named EP.

Vol. 2 Issue 2 March / April 1984 2 pages 25 cents
News... Pieces has a new single: 'Winners / 'Thanx for Friends.' Cassette single fron La Voix Celeste: 'Superstition' / 'A Nation Cries.' New music comp: 'What's Shakin'?' U2 named band of the year in Rolling Stone survey. / 'An exciting band from Madisin, Wisconsin is AZ. They play '80s music with some similarities to new DA. They have a good stage presence and make use of many props to communicate their message.'/ New albums from Undercover 'Boys and Girls Renounce the World' and one from the Alter Boys. / Alarm have a new LP called 'Declaration.' / Two Vancouver bands - Oracle and Justus - have been in the studio./ Also from Vancouver has recently played at 'The Waterfront.' 'Their sound is raw, driving and alternative' / 'Technos Serve a Writz,' a nice little wrap-up of the band's work that tis point. / Barnabas review: 'except for a few fluid bass licks and a synthesizer solo, the music is monotonous and tiring. Nothing was new.'/ A few ads for bands selling some LPs./ Review of Daniel Band's 'Straight Ahead.' Crankin!' (written bt Spike). / Introduction article by the new guy, Terry, who will write a column.

Issue 5 May / June 1984 2 pages. Subscribe: six issues for $2
ACME staff finally is revealed: Dave Bachman, John Bachman, Mike Prell, Terry Linhart, Mark Satterlee
Review of Altar Boys LP 'Altar Boys' by John Bachman. / Review of a live show by Undercover and Steve Taylor by Mark Satterlee. / Review of the Lifesavors' concert at Taylor University by Dave Bachman; other bands were Robin Crow and Jerusalem./ Review of Steve Taylor's LP, 'Meltdown' by Dave Bachman / News department: ACME has a radio on the Taylor U radio station on Sunday nights. / Lifesavors will be heading to Belfast, Ireland to record their third LP. / The Alama was to play as the opening for the Pretenders - an announcement was heard that the Alarm's lead singer had the flu. Jason Bachman was upset and finally sat back and some what enjoyed the new opening act, the Elvis Brothers. / More news: 3-Point Turn, the Tenfoots, U2 and Undercover get some ink time.

Issue 6 October 9, 1984 (as by Post Office cancel) 4 pages.
ACME staff: Dave Bachman, John Bachman, Mike Prell
Review of Labor of Love's 'Message to the Bands.' / Article on Youth Choir / Editorial by John Bachman entitled 'Profit Motive or Prophet Motive?' He was concerned about LPs being too expensive and not enough press of people getting saved by the bands. / Article on Lifesavors. / News section: U2, C.I.A., the Lifters and Crystal City Rockers. / Late News...: Lifesavors have broken up.

Issue 7 January 15, 1985 (as by Post Office cancel) 4 pages. 6 issues for $2
Article on Radicals for Christ. Band members of G.V.A. (God's Victorious Army): Dennis - lead guitar, vocals); Burrito - bass and Dan - drums. The band is 'quick to point out, however, the difference between Christianity and religion - 'Religion kills... religion sends people to Hell.../ Article on the Seventy Sevens. / News: The Coolers (Mark Krischak) / Altar Boys in the studio / 'Pathway was formed by a group of college kids in Austin, Texas. It is a ministry to the hardcore people of any type. They would like to sponsor concerts in their area. For more information, write.../ Undercover single: Slaughter of the Innocents and Boys and Girls. / The Imitators from Orange County, CA / New albums fro 4.4.1., Pax, Army of Love, Bob Thomason. Common Bond has a 7 inch single. Omega Band lp come shortly. / Dennis Rudolph of G.V.A. has also been singing with the hardcore band called Moral Majority. / Short review of C.I.A. / Poetry from Mike Shahley called 'Fraud.' Goes like this: We got stained glass windows / we got carpet on the floors / we got a spiral staircase / & expensive oak doors. / We got nice velvet choir robes, / we got padding on the pews, / we got a baby grand piano, / & a pipe organ too. / We got a real tall steeple, / we got a shiny brass bell, / we got a great big nursery / & a preacher that's swell. / We got little red song books / we got silver offering plates, / we got a built-in baptismal, / & a special room for wakes. / What we don't have is Jesus. / What we don't have is God. / What we don't have's the Spirit./ What we do have is FRAUD... / Editorial.

Issue 8 May 10, 1985 (as by Post Office cancel) 4 pages. 6 issues for $2
Review of the Youth Choir's 'Voices in Shadows'/ Article on the Lead from Miami, Florida / ACME stickers - ten for $1 / Short blurb for the Orange, Ca band the Forgiven; a garage-recording of some of Forgiven's music is available for $2.50 / Article on A.O.T.C. (Association of the Cross). Mike Smith: lead vocals; Jamie Malarczyk: bass, backing vocals; Denise Taylor: guitar; Neal Vorndran: drums, backing vocals / Short article on the new Altar Boys' called 'When You're A Rebel' / Ad for Joyful Noise Records: three singles by Covenant, Amethyst and Ammi; and a four song EP by Ammi / Short article on Common Bond / Editorial by Julio A. Rey of the Lead / G.V.A. have broken up / The Coolers are now Red Christmas / A San Diego label released a 12 song LP with two songs by Christians, Average Citizen and Frank Gruggs / The back page was for advertising inserts.

Issue 9 December 4, 1985 (as by the Post Office cancel) 4 pages. 6 issues, $2
Front page top is an explanation of why the paper was four months in the making. Bottom half of the page has advertisements for ACME shirts – black on white ($7.50) and stickers, 10 for $1.00. Page 2 is an interview with Mike Stand of the Altar Boys: ACME Talks to Mike Stand… (part 1 of the interview. Misspellings have been changed)… Mike Stand, Rick Alba, and Jeff Crandall are the Alter Boys. They are one of my favorite bands. Mike acts like Bruce Springsteen sometimes when he is on stage. They have a new album on Broken Records called “When You’re a Rebel.” It’s a really good record.. It has a really good sound to it, great guitars and lots of the. Bill Batstone, aka B.B. Stone did a good job on production. It is loaded with good songs like, ‘Calling out to Believers,” “More of You,” “God’s Heart Cries” and the title cut. It’s somewhat like the Ramones should sound if they were a little smarter and a little more into God. They are great live. They were really good at Cornerstone where they were moved to the indoor stage because the roof collapsed on the other one. They played to a packed house, and when it was over everyone was very hot and slightly ill; especially Mike Stand…
Why the Altar Boys?
We started three years ago because we saw a need in California for bands to reach out. New wave was really at its peak right about then, when we first started out. Punk was kind of on its way out a little bit but still pretty much in. We saw a need for a band to reach out to the kids and that’s why we started it. There was a need there and God called us. We weren’t sure exactly what the Lord was going to do; how he was going to use the band at all. But, we found he really blessed us and, the ministry continues to grow through his graciousness.
When You’re a Rebel…
We are excited about the record. It’s a little more, how can I say this it’s a little more polished and a little more and a little more raw. It’s more us, we feel, than the first one. We were trying to find ourselves and what our direction really was. When we made the first one, we were still trying to figure out what we were doing. We’d been a band just about a year, and it really wasn’t long enough to figure it out. But, this time we knew what we wanted, and we went for it. I think we got really, really close with what we got. And, some of it went even beyond what we ever thought we could get to.
Plans and stuff
Let’s see, we got the third album just about written, and we are performing about four songs from it. You only heard one yesterday, “Unconditional Love.” Of course, we didn’t write that one. I really have a goal to finish the third album in a month or two, and, Lord willing, start recording it in November, only if God wants us to. I think we’re going to start a video, probably “When You’re a Rebel,” in a month or two. They’re going to write the script for it and stuff.
I’ve always been a fan of the sixties more than the seventies. I was always so frustrated in the middle seventies because I could never play any of that stuff – Boston, Kansas, Genesis; I just couldn’t do it. It was very frustrating for me. So, when I was growing up in the sixties that’s pretty much what my influences were. Right now, I listen to Springsteen sometimes, the Clash, the Ramones sometimes. Musically, those guys probably influenced me.
Another Altar Boy?
One of the things we’d like to find is another person, but the Lord hasn’t shown us that yet. We’ve been doing O.K. as three. But, Lord willing, we’ll find another guy who will really just groove right in with the band and not try to change things around or be weird.
“There’s no time for wasted time.”
“One thing Satan wants to do is twist and divide the bands…”
Part two next issue!!!
Summer Festival Report: The Lifters, Undercover, Youth Choir, Daniel Amos. Others: Vector, and Crunbacher. / An ad for a cassette called Live by Scaterd-Few and Allan Aguirre. / An editorial about Christians having fun, written by Mike Prell. / News: the Lead, Conviction of Sin and A.O.T.C; Scaterd Few and the Live cassette. / Red Christmas has broken up. / Two new bands: Altar Call and the Key.

Issue 10 March 31, 1986 (as by the Post Office cancel) 4 pages
Altar Boys: Acme Talks to Mike Stand. Part Two of the Interview
Friends or Foes?
We’re pretty good ‘buds’. We talk to each other every day on the phone. We’re pretty close. We very rarely argue, and if one guy is feeling kind of bummed or kind of out there or a little bit touchy, we just lay off and leave him alone. We get along good. You’ve got to or you don’t survive. You won’t do it. You won’t make it. That’s one thing Satan wants to do; get in there and twist and divide the bands up and really cause confusion, so that his goals are accomplished. We don’t try to give him any opportunities.
The Third Album?
Let’s see, we got the third just about written, and we’re performing about four songs from it. You only heard one yesterday, “Unconditional Love.” Of course, we didn’t write that one. I think we’re gonna start a video, probably “When You’re a rebel.” We’d really like to make it, I hate to say production, but a better production, with a little more thought behind it than we have. We’d like to be able to really focus in to where the audience is at. Instead of just saying ‘This song’s about such and such’, I really want to be able to take people from this point to that point. Like I said, we do it somewhat, but I’d like to do it better.
We’d like to just be able to communicate a lot better the gospel on stage. Communication is the key. I mean, every second you are on stage, every minute you are on stage has really to communication something. There’s no time for wasted time. And we still haven’t fine-tuned our ministry the way we want to do it. We’d like to be able to put three or four sets together of different songs; different ways of approaching the audience.
We’d like to get out here more to the East Coast and play; more than just this one shot festival thing. We’d like to come out here for five days, a week, two weeks, whatever and just play our brains out. We see a need out here, we really do. A lot of kids we talked to today just say, ‘There’s nothing like you guys our here.’ We’d like to be here a lot more. But, I say that in a reluctant way because I see the need and we’d like to get out but, at the same time, I hate leaving my wife. It bums me out – being away from home and stuff. But, I’ll go if the Lord wants me to. It’s nothing I’ll really push, but we’ll knock on some doors and stuff.
Page 2 is taken up with ads for ACME products. / Bottom half is a review about The Lead’s new album – ‘Return Fire.’ / Page 3 is a whole page advertisement for ‘Return Fire.’ Back page has reviews of Lost and Found by Jason and the Scorchers; and the band Modern Innocence and its album of the same name. (both reviews by Michael Prell).