Thursday, June 11, 2009

List of Christian Zines and Magazines

Cardigan Journal. Patchogue, NY.

Can’t Get Enough. Bothell, WA.Challenger. Waterloo, IA.


Cheese Fizz. Bedford, IN.

Cheeseshopnews. Bedford, IN.

Christian Activities Calendar.
Ojai, CA.
Feb / Mar. 1985. 48 pages. Cover: Sandi Patti. Also: Dan, Steve and Jim Peters. Russ Taff. Kathy Troccoli. Steve Green. Terry Scott Taylor. Jessy Dixon. Terry Clark. 'No More the Lone Rander' by Paul Baker.
April / May 1986. 64 pages. Cover: Amy Grant. Also: Bodyworks. Steve Taylor. Servant. 'Rap Session' by Paul Baker. Kathie Sullivan. Johnny Hall. Petra. Bash-N-The Code.Fall '87. 64 pages. Cover: Imperials / Leslie Phillips. Also: Altar Boys. Stryper. Command Records. Bill Gaither Trio. Pat Robertson. Christian Writers Assoc. Gospel Music Network. Harold Ivan Smith.
Fall / Winter '87. 64 pages. Cover: Petra / Margaret Becker. Also: Don Francisco. Prism Yellow. Larnell Harris. Carla Worley. Wendy Talbot. Thad Bosley. Tim Hansel. Milk and Honey Records. Pat Robertson. Jack Hayford. Compassion International.

Christian Cartoonist & Illustrator
Willowdale, Ontatio, Canada
Bob Wierdsma, editor.
Vol. No. 1. Spring 1984.
Vol. No, 3. Fall 1984.
Issue 5. Spring 1985.
Issue 6. Summer 1985.
Issue No. 7. Fall 1985.
Issue No. 8. Winter 1985.
Issue No. 9. Spring 1986.
Issue No. 10. Summer 1986.
Issue No. 11. Autumn 1986.

Christian Goldmine
Alden, NY. Then to Orlando, FL.Editor and publisher: John b. Brzykcy. Paul A. Brzykcy: artwork. The Wandering Wizard: contributor.
No. 1. 7 pages.
The Christian Goldmine is a publication through which people may auction, sell, buy and trade records, etc. It is also a medium for ideas, record reviews, and whatever.
No. 2. 12 pages.
No. 3. 20 pages.
Please see Vortexx for an other zine for John B.

Comments from the Friends. PO Box 840, Stoughton, MA.

Conqueror Worm. Ankeny, IA.

Contemporary Christian Acts
Vol. 2 No, 5 June 1978. Jim Willems: executive publisher. Steven Zarit: publisher. David Medina: advertising. Karen Farhat: graphics assistant. Paulette Martinson: community relations. Laurie Kern: circulation. Rob Martin: managing editor. Betty Willems: senior editor. Karen Camplin: assistant editor. John Styll: music editor. Don Swaim: sports editor. Gary Ryan: art director. Cover: Wendell Burton's Brand New Life.

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I would very much like to speak with you about your archive. Have a CCM archive of my own, doing some research for an academic project and need some help accessing a few things. Will gladly share what I have as well.